Saturday, October 8, 2016

Why KC Matters!

It's been almost two weeks since Dr. Govinda KC began his 9th hunger strike to demand reforms in the medical education sector in the country but our incompetent, corrupt and  shameless government seems to want to see Dr KC dead instead of talking to him and fulfilling his demands. 

Our politicians are only good at making promises and not keeping it. Dr KC has been played around so many times that we have lost count. 

Every time, the doctor goes on hunger strike, the government of the day, wait for a week or two before asking the doctor to break his fast after promising to fulfill his demands. 

Then nothing happens and the poor doctor has to go back to his 'hunger' games again in hopes that the government of the day will turn out to be different and make concrete decisions to reform the medical sector in the country. 

But it doesn't matter who comes to power in this land. It's just another chor who has won the musical chair contest to live in Baluwatar and he brings along his forty thieves to loot the state treasury. 

Our politicians do not want change. They do not want to reform the system that they too fought to change because they know very well that the 'old' system of 'loot, boot  & shoot' works pretty good for those who want to make quick bucks! 

The Shree Tins left the building in the 50s but it seems that our chor netas of today still idolize them when it comes to their use of power and how to misuse the state treasury to live a good life!

Dr KC does not want the medical mafia to open up medical colleges and produce incompetent doctors but those investing in medical schools want him out of the picture so that they can continue to loot from the students and give us witchdoctors instead of the real ones. 

It's a shame that this beautiful country of ours is being ruled by goons, pickpockets and con artists. We have politicians who only know how to loot the state treasury, extort from the fake-VAT Bill byaparis and exploit the common folks to win votes and make tons of notes instead of working for the people!

Gagan Thapa is our Health Minister. He tells us that he supports Dr KC and his demands but if you really want to support our 'doctor' then please resign from this government which you are part of and join the doctor's hunger strike instead. 

It's about time, we the people,  supported Dr KC's hunger strike not only on Facebook and Twitter but taking part in it for at least a day or two or longer depending on how long you can go without a plate of vyar vyar momos.  

We all tell Dr KC that he is the only person in this whole country who has the guts to stand up against the mafia ruling this land. But we lack the courage to join him and fight this system filled with nepotism and corruption. Dr KC now does not only want reform in the medical sector but also want the CIAA Chief Lokman to be impeached and booted out from his Kurchi. 

When did Lokman become the boss of all bosses. Yes, this great land of ours is being run by our mafia families and Lokman seems to be the guy who seem to have more power than our other mob bosses. 

Lokman really has to go! It's okay to go after government officials and government agencies but this so-called Super Hero is now going after NGOs and even folks who have nothing to do with the government or our taxpayers money. 

If Lokman is the judge of all things then why on earth do we need our courts? Why do we need a government in the first place, if Dictator Lokman can do anything he likes, go after anyone he doesn't like and try to interfere even in a entrance exam for a six-year old? 

Well, he hasn't gotten that far but Lokman is here to stay, don't be surprised if he goes after your favorite momo pasal for failing to give him a cut. This is not the Lokman-Tantra our brothers and sisters died for. We do not want Lokman to be our Super Man. 

Our Emperor promised to mend his ways and show us that he really wants to work for the people. He should visit Dr KC and fulfill his demands. And the first one is to kick out Lokman from his 'almighty' powerful seat and appoint someone who is not tainted and has led an honest life. 

We have no one to blame but our major mafia families for allowing the appointment of Karki as our CIAA Chief in 2013. 

Khil Dai would not have appointed such evil person who as the Chief Secretary during Gyanu Uncle's rule was responsible as well for the violation of human rights during the demonstration against then King's rule. How can such person come back and be our CIAA chief? 

They tell us that the deal to appoint Lokman was forged not here but in Delhi. If that is really true then our politicians have no right to continue to play politics in this land. Modi should take all our politicians to Varanasi and make them clean up the Ganges because our chors will never clean up Bagmati here at home. 

This Dashain, for those who are staying here in the Valley, please visit Dr KC, please join his strike and demand reforms in this country. If not, we will one day have to participate in a real-life, 'hunger games' and take down this government and the folks who run the show in this land. Good must always prevail over evil. 

We are good. They are bad. And if we just continue to be submissive and let these chors roll over us then it's only a matter of time when we will lose everything.  Dr KC doesn't need followers. He needs warriors to fight this system. Do we have the guts to join the fight against the clowns?

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