Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lokman Returns

Finally, our super-hero Lokman has returned from his vacation and we will get to hear his side of the story if he decides not to quit before the House brings impeachment proceedings against this man. First of all, we have no one to blame but our so-called top leaders who gave the go-ahead to Khilly Dai to appoint Lokman to be our CIAA Chief back in 2013. 

It was our same good for nothing clowns who backed Lokman to head the anti-corruption agency and now our loafers want him out. It was fine when Lokman went after small fishes. Yes, catch a low-level government employee receiving bribes from service seekers. It was fine when Lokman even went a bit too far and decided to interfere in the works of private institutions as well. Yes, send Kanak to jail, go after his property and what not because he was receiving foreign grants.

But our netas make millions of Rupees from commissions, promotions and transfers of government employees but Lokman was too busy to look into such matters. Our incompetent government receives millions of dollars in grants from the bideshis but Lokman didn't care if our civil servants were not doing their job but instead were working with contractors to make some moolah which also went up to our netas!

Yes, Dr KC also wants Lokman to face the music but our netas didn't care much until they found out that if they continued to allow Lokman to be himself then they too would face charges for corruption.  Lokman should have gone after the sharks after taking office. Then, we would have supported him but he decided to just bully the small folks and leave the big chors alone.

We heard that Lokman was finally looking into the looting of billions of Rupees meant for the former rebels. We all know that some of our so-called revolutionaries made millions after deducting the pay meant for the former combatants. The money was not deposited into the party's accounts but instead in the bank accounts of our so-called great comrades. Or maybe, our comrades just buried boras of cash in their backyard. Then our Emperor tells us that he has already talked with Lokman and everything was fine. 

Yes, it'a shame that communists in this land of ours are not really communists. They are wild capitalists and they would gladly sell this country to the highest bidder. Let us not only blame the comrades. Our Congressis, UML and Madhesi netas are not saints either. They are all corrupt and all they want is power and the opportunity to loot some more till they drop dead.

We all know that our top civil servants and top politicians will never face the music in this land. We have yet to see a hakim saheb who doesn't have a house worth millions in the valley. We have yet to see top leaders of major political parties without mansions in the valley. 

The CIAA should have invited all our hakim sahebs going back to the days of the Pancheys to line up at its office and present all their financial documents. If Lokman had done his job right, then all of the hakim sahebs now and those already retired would have their property confiscated and would be sent to jail. 

Our politicians come to the valley in torn shirts and worn-out slippers. In a decade or two, they ride around in luxury vehicles and live in mansions. If Lokman had done his job right, then all of our so-called top politicians would be in jail as well. 

But this is a funny country. When politicians go to jail, we , the common folks applaud but once they finish their jail term and come out then their supporters applaud and they became more powerful. Where did we go wrong? Why are corrupt and dishonest folks rewarded by the system while hardworking common folks suffer miserably in this alnd?

Now our chor netas tell us that Lokman just went too far and was acting like he owned the country and he could go after anyone from public officials to private citizens. Our netas have also gone too far and are worse than the players from the previous regime. Who will go after them?

Our politicians do not have courage. After Gyanu Uncle called it quits, the government commission has found Lokman responsible for misusing his authority to suppress the peoples' movement when he was the Chief Secretary. Lokman was no longer eligible for any public job ever. But then our so-called 'republican' netas decided to appoint the same man to head the anti-corruption agency.

It's been the same story since the Shree Tins left the building. The players from the previous regime are never punished. They never go to jail and are left alone. People like Kamal Thapa should not be playing politics in 'New Nepal'. 

How can a former Home Minister during Gyanu Uncle's rule continue to be a power player? We have no one to blame but our chor netas who talk about replacing the system but leave the players from the old team alone and instead join hands with them and continue to enjoy the loot. 

It’s about time our anti-corruption agency was answerable only to the President and not to our filthy scumbags. Yes, let us make laws that give the President the right to appoint the person to head the CIAA.  

I think if our politicians really want to show us that they want good for this country then please appoint Dr KC as our CIAA Chief! Of course, that's not going to happen but if Dr KC was allowed to head such agency then we would have to covert our national stadium into an open jail because tens of thousands of corrupt civil servants and politicians would not fit in our prisons in the country. 

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