Saturday, September 3, 2016

Medical Tourism

Our former President wants 3 karod so that he can seek medical treatment for his prostate problems in Amrika. Our government has so far offered to foot in at least 60 lakhs for now and will cover the rest later. 

It seems that only politicians and thulo mancheys get free cash from the state for their medical treatment abroad while most of us, common folks either have to sell our house, exhaust our life savings or seek medical treatment at government hospitals that lack everything. 

Let us not only blame our former President for wanting to promote medical tourism in Amrika. Our former Prime Monster KP Oli has already spent more than a Karod from the state treasury for his treatment overseas and so have other politicians. 

Our former President is a doctor and he knows very well that his prostate problems can be taken care of at home. But why does he want to go to the land of the free and take three folks along with him? If you can get free cash from the state then why not plan a vacation for your near and dear ones?

Our netas go to Thailand and Singapore for medical treatment. We don't know if they go overseas to really seek medical advice or visit foreign hands who offer them cash to promote their self-interest in our land.  

Our netas seem to be blind because they like bidhesi whiskey more than the usual vitamins you get from saag-sabji. They visit foreign countries but are neither inspired nor motivated to copy the good things these foreign lands offer. 

Why can't we have at least one international standard hospital in the country? We could save billions of Rupees in travel and medical expense for our crooked politicians if we can do that and hope our citizens do get the same treatment at affordable price as well.  

But even then our politicians will figure out ways to travel abroad at our taxpayers expense. After all, these clowns only know how to loot the state treasury and they are not going to change overnight.

Now, even our former MPs are demanding cash to seek treatment in foreign lands. I think these bloodsucking parasites should wait until our King Deuba becomes our Prime Monster in eight months. After all, Deuba Dai knows how to win the hearts and minds of our politicians. Then, he gave them tax-free Pajeros and this time, he will probably provide free gift hampers worth more than those vehicles.

Our government hospitals lack adequate medical equipment, supplies and human resources. The so-called government doctors all have their private clinics and refer the patients there instead of providing free treatment to the needy.

Our private hospitals continue to fleece us all by charging exorbitant amounts for medical treatment.  And most of our netas have investment in such hospitals and that's the reason why our incompetent government rarely takes any action against these hospitals. 

We even need to ask our chimeki's help to build a trauma center in the city. And once they are done with the handover, we have yet to operate it because whoever is in power is only interested to make quick money instead of reforming the health care system in the country. 

The Singaporean government should make our King Deuba their brand ambassador for medical tourism. Then he can receive free business class tickets and even free medical care in the Lion City. At least, our government can save millions then. The Thai Embassy here should honor Oli and make him their ambassador to promote medical tourism in Thailand. 

Our Bir Hospital has a VVIP ward and our former Rajas and their families were okay with it but it's not okay anymore for our new Maharajas who only to travel abroad and waste our money. We all know that our politicians have no shame when it comes to spending our money. It seems that these buffoons think that this country owes them everything for their so-called sacrifices to fight the previous regime. 

Who will stop such misuse of power and money? Should we wait another decade for another set of players to change the system and then they too will abuse their power and authority like the previous ones?

I think we should just ask all the countries in the world to adopt at least one of our politicians. So, whenever they need the so-called medical treatment, they can get free air ambulances and what not from their hosts. 

Maybe, we should just go a step further and ask the countries with cash to adopt at least one of our districts.  Let us not worry about the bideshis colonizing our districts. We already seem to be somewhat of a colony for our chimeki. 

Our netas beg for cash, scholarships for their children and in return, they carry out works promoting the interest of our chimekis. Yet, our clowns preach us about nationalism and talk about never bowing down to our chimekis while they bow down even to our Desi ambassador in town. No wonder, even a low-level civil servant at the Indian Embassy seems to get more respect from our politicians!

We celebrated 'Fathers' Day' a few days ago. And our women will be celebrating Teej. Let us all wish our politicians, except a few bachelors a Happy Fathers' Day and hope that they will work together to help millionsof children in this land instead of only looking after the interest of their children. 

And for our women folks, let us ask our mothers, wives, sisters to not only organize dance parties and have fun but take to the streets to warn our netas that they should stop misusing their power and wasting our taxpayers money for their own personal gain. 

Maybe, we can wait till Dashain and hope that our women will be our Goddess Durga or Joan of Arc to fight the demons who rule our land. Yes, the enemy is not our chimeki or some other foreign hands. The enemy is within us but who will at least lead us all to fight them?

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