Saturday, August 22, 2015

Money, Mundreys & Martyrdom

Our political parties have shut down Terai and other parts of the country for weeks and our incompetent government seems to be least worried about it. Yes, the government doesn't care if common citizens suffer from such bandas because the government has never been there for the people. 

It only knows how to ask for chiya kharcha and treat the citizens as serfs while our civil servants and clowns think of themselves as Maharajas. The Shree Tins left the building a long time ago but I guess the Hukumi Shasan will be with us for a few more decades.

Our netas and their cadres don't have to go to work every day. They don't have to worry about paying the bills because they can always extort the local byaparis to fund their shutdown programs. After all, it's the common citizens who can't go to school, work, and run their businesses and travel. 

It’s always us who suffer the most whereas netas get to show their strength by mobilizing their cadres. And they have no shame to tell us that they are doing all this natak for the people. Yes, our political parties shut down the country so that the people can stay home and spend some quality time with their families. It seems that our political parties really do care about family values.

Our Madhesi parties think they can prolong the 'banda and burn' natak a little bit longer by promising 50 lakhs, jobs and state benefits to the families of those who are killed by the state during protest programs. Yes, all the benefits will be given to the families after our Madhesi parties take over the state government after we are done with the new constitution.  

We all know that our netas are only good at giving us false assurances. You would have to be a fool to believe that they will fulfill their promises. These buffoons are only good at using and then disposing their cadres for their own political self interest. When will our cadres learn and not be blind followers of such chors? 

I guess our protesters don't need the District Administration Offices after we have our provinces. Yes, let's burn down our government offices because we won't have to pay taxes and get our citizenship ID and passports when we have our provinces. Just visit the Chief Minister's personal aide and he or she will take care of business as long as you give him or her some chiya kharcha.  

Yes, you can get everything delivered at your home for the right price. I guess it will be much better than staying in line and running from room to room in our sarkari offices. And your chiya kharcha will go to the politician instead of the state treasury. And in a few years, we won't have any government offices because there will be no funds in the state coffer to run them. 

I think our political parties forget that when they are in power, they will be the ones who will have to build the vandalized and burned down government buildings and provide the necessary resources to civil servants. Yes, our civil servants are inefficient, lazy and rude. And we have no choice but to grind our teeth and wait for them to finish their meetings and tea breaks to receive the services we need.  

But at the end of the day, you will get your nagarikta, passport and other services that you seek if your paperwork is fine. It might take hours or even days instead of a few minutes to get the job done but your job will get done. 

We cannot burn down our government offices and burn their vehicles. Our taxpayers paid for it and we will have to pay for it again if everything gets burned down. Our government agencies are not yet fully computerized. 

Most of the documents are stored in our government offices instead of being digitized and stored in a central server. If we burn them down then it will take a while to prove that we are who we are when we go to our civil servants to seek the services we need.

Our politicians would rather divide the country further to make other chors happy. Yes, we might even get seven or eight states now but our hermit PM is not happy. Well, I guess it's just up to a dozen chors to tell us how many provinces we can have. 

We are not going to get five provinces that touch both the hills and the plains. Our protesters are not happy with six. Our PM is not happy with seven. Then, let us all go for 14 provinces and make everyone happy. Then, who knows, you and I can also be a minister of the state government someday. 

We will have a thousand local MPs and ministers and the taxpayers better pay the federal, state , local and even extortion tax to local hoodlums. So be prepared to get taxed not once, twice or thrice but as many times possible depending on who is raising the funds to shutdown the province. 

After all, there will be losers in elections and when they do not have access to the state funds, they will have no choice but to extort from the public and to do that, they will need mundrey gundas and his crew to do the dirty work.

A year ago, Nepal Police killed 'Chari' , a gangster who was also affiliated with the CPN-UML. Now, they have killed Ghaite, a gangster who was affiliated with the Nepali Congress. As usual, the police call it an encounter and tell us that they had no choice but to fire back after the gangster fired the first shot.  But politicians close to Ghaite claim that it was premeditated murder by our Nepal Police. 

Our netas use the mundrey gundas for their election campaigns. They need the mundrey gundas to extort from local byaparis and other con artists. It is our netas who have protected the mundreys and when things get out of hand, it is them who decide to finish them off.  When will our netas stop using the mundreys for their muscles and money? I guess Ghaite will also be declared a martyr soon.  

Hope someday, our netas will be able to battle it out with each other and win elections fairly based on their vision instead of using muscles and money to sit on the kurchi to loot us all. Our prayers are with Ghaite's family. Don’t blame the police. Blame the politicians who used his muscles and money and will now forget him and groom another mundrey to do the dirty work again. 

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