Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bam Dev Must Go!

Our dishonorable Home Minister Bam Dev seems to live in a bubble and has no clue on how to maintain law and order in this land of ours. Why do we have the most incompetent people heading our government ministries? Our politicians only know how to spew venom and blame others instead of talking less and doing more and taking responsibility for their failures.

Why do only lazy bums and con artists want to be politicians in this country? Well, because it's easy money if you do get into power and if even if you don’t, you can work out deals with the government to send some funds your way. Yes, our politicians find common ground only when they get to share the loot.

Why can’t our political parties send competent folks who can lead instead of clueless clowns who only know how to loot the state funds so that the party and its cadres enjoy the loot while the common citizens get the boot?  

It's been more than twenty five years since our clowns showed up and promised us a better future. And it seems that we will have to wait another two decades or more for peace and stability in this land.

This is not the first time that our clown is heading the Home Ministry but he seems to have other priorities like how to plan for lucrative postings and promotions of officers and then extort from them. And on top of that, find ways to get new stuff for the security personnel that they don't really need so that you can fudge the bill and pocket some commission.

When our top government positions are for sale then you can't really expect the person who paid for the post to do his or her job well. After all, the highest bidder will have to recoup his or her investment? And it's the common citizens who will pay for it.

You can teach an old dog new tricks. Yes, it's possible. I have a dog and I have taught him to lay down and act like he is having a seizure whenever he wants to get out of the house and join his local stray friends in the neighborhood.

But our old politicians don't want to learn new stuff.  The world has changed since Bam Dev first showed up in Kathmandu with a few shirts and not even a Rupee in his pocket. And like most of the politicians then, he also seems to have done much better than the rest of the country. 

While, millions of our able-bodied young folks are being exploited for a few more Dinars and Ringgits, our politicians have made millions of Rupees for themselves as they take the country down the drain.

Bam Dev thinks like a Shree Tin. He acts as if he owns this country and the citizens are nothing but nuisance. He drives around in a luxury vehicle, surrounded by armed security personnel. He is fully secured and does not have to worry about bandas. He gets freebies from the state and would rather offer more freebies to his band of thieves rather than provide security to the common citizens.

He should have been the first person to visit Tikapur. I guess our politicians are angry when mundrey gundas get killed but do not feel that pain when police personnel are lynched.Well, it took our security heads four days to finally have the courage to visit Ground Zero and take stock of the situation there.

Bam Dev tells us that the attack on security personnel was pre-planned. Then that means that our security forces failed miserably to prepare for such attacks. It was an intelligence failure and we have no one but the Home Ministry to blame.

Yes, our Home Minister, the Home Secretary and all security chiefs should apologize for not doing enough to prevent the loss of lives of our security personnel as well as the protesters. I think the top civil servants in our Home Ministry and Bam Dev as well must resign and apologize to the families of the police personnel killed in Tikapur. But of course, that's not going to happen.

Why do we need the Armed Police Force if they just want to be mute spectators while thousands of protesters surround police personnel and attack them with slingshots, spades and axes? Sending our Nepal Army to the riot zones is not the solution. 

Our Nepal Police must be better equipped with resources to prevent such incidents in the future. The role of the army is to protect us from foreign invasion. Well, we know we really can't fight our dumpling and dosa chimekis but at least protect our borders and national parks from bideshi criminals and ghaerlu poachers. But don't use the army against our own brothers and sisters. This is not just right.

If the Armed Police Force can't do their job then it's about time to disband them. Why do we have to pay their salaries so that they can protect foreign embassies, INGOs and our incompetent corrupt clowns? 

Yes, our security personnel did their best even without adequate resources to carry out the rescue works during the earthquakes. Maybe, we should just transform the Armed Police Force into a Disaster Management Force. Give them helmets and resources to help our folks during natural disasters instead.

It's not only Bam Dev but our top leaders of our political parties should take responsibility for the fire burning in Kaliali and other parts of the country. It's been weeks and our Terai area is suffering from bandas and violence. 

Our government doesn't seem to care. If you really must deploy the army, then let them protect our highways, so that there will not be shortages of essential goods in the country instead of asking them to shoot our own people.

The problem in this country is not with its people. We have been surviving so far without any help from the government regardless of shortages, load shedding, bandas and what not. It's our politicians who need such violence and nataks for their own survival. But one day, the chicken will come home to roost. 

Today, our police personnel and protesters have lost their lives so that our politicians can strike deals with each other on how to share the loot. Let us not kill each other for things that really don't matter to us. We are all brothers and sisters. We all need to learn to help each other and live peacefully together.

Our politicians are parasites, they will suck our bloods and hang us dry when their self interests are fulfilled. It's sad that a bunch of politicians can take this hostage while we the silent majority can't do nothing but only shake our heads in disbelief. 

Our politicians should be held accountable for all this mess. We used the ballots in the hopes that these leeches would do something good for this country and our politicians think they can clean up the mess with bullets. I guess it's about time to show these buffoons the door.

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