Saturday, May 2, 2015

We Are One

First of all, let us all pray for the victims and their families who have suffered so much due to the big earthquake that hit us last Saturday.  My immediate family is safe but I lost my cousin in Kathmandu. 

Thousands have lost their loved ones as well and many have suffered injuries. At this hour, we must all be strong and if able then reach out and help our communities near and far.

The catastrophic earthquake has shaken us all but we, the common folks have gathered collective strength to help each other and support the rescue and relief works. We, the people are the true face of Nepal. Our politicians and big hakim sahebs are not. 

We, the people are one and united while our corrupt clowns have shown their true colors. Our chors are not only corrupt and incompetent but lack empathy and compassion as well.

We must thank our security personnel especially the Nepal Army and Armed Police Force for working round the clock in rescue and relief efforts. Our Nepal Police are doing their best as well but seem to be the least prepared and the most ill-equipped to carry out disaster relief works.

The last big one came in 1934.  Successive governments failed to act and never prepared for the next one. During the last few years, many NGOs and INGOs were conducting awareness programs but our government did not think preparing for such natural disasters needed top priority. Let us hope that our government has learned a big lesson and will plan accordingly in the future.

We have known all along that our government is incompetent, corrupt and has resources only to collect taxes and then use it to fill the bellies of our clowns, civil servants, contractors and cadres. 

Our incompetent government takes quick decision when it comes to approving release of funds for treatment of our politicians. Air ambulances arrive in an hour and ferry our clowns abroad. But when it comes to its own citizens, our corrupt government stands still and does nothing.

Most of us are safe and so are our families. Thousands have died where as hundreds of thousands of homes have been destroyed and our brothers and sisters in villages near and far from Kathmandu have yet to receive and relief materials. What is needed the most right now are tents, blankets and clean drinking water.  And what does our government do? Nothing!

We must salute our security personnel and common citizens who are doing what they can to reach out to the affected families. The victims need not only physical support but emotional support as well. The government has failed to provide either. It has failed miserably and is busy defending itself for its own inaction due to its inability to coordinate resources to help the rescue works and distribute relief materials.

We, the people are using our own hard-earned savings to buy relief materials and distribute them to the needy while our government is refusing to release tents, medical supplies and other relief materials stuck at our international airport.

While Yoga master Ram Dev Baba was donating blood while our corrupt Home Minister Bam Dev Baba was busy planning on how to effectively use the relief materials for his own cadres and cousins. Bam Dev must resign and stay at his house in Bhaisepati instead of flying in choppers and doing nothing.  

He would rather make of millions of dollars by outsourcing government works to foreign companies rather than mobilize and direct government employees to reach out to thousands of affected families and distribute relief materials provided by our own people and foreigners as well.

The Bhutanese PM Togbay has visited affected places and even donated a million dollars for the relief works. We should not blame our PM for not going out to the affected areas. He himself is not in good health but instead of only thanking bideshis for their aid, he should have thanked the Nepali people for being strong and encouraged us to help each other out.

Now, our politicians are scared to go out due to fear that the public will beat them black and blue. Our political parties are very good when it comes to mobilizing their cadres to shut down the country. The political cadres know how to throw stones and destroy public property. So don't expect our clowns and their crazy followers to have a change of heart.

Our ruling clowns have shown us all that they are lazy and have no clue on how to help the common citizens but whatever happened to our Emperor and his opposition alliance? Why can't our great comrade chairman come out from his home and help clear the debris or help in distributing water and other supplies to the affected families. Why can't millions of cadres work together to help the needy families?

The government has announced immediate compensation of one lakh rupees to the families of those who perished in the earthquake and twenty five thousand rupees to those whose homes have been destroyed. What the needy folks need right now is safe shelter, clean drinking water and food.  Reconstruction will take time and must be planned carefully. 

What can you repair with twenty five thousand rupees and it will take a few weeks or even months before we find workers to carry out repair works at our homes, roads and other infrastructures.

And we all know that the government will announced more cash compensation later but most of it will be looted by our own civil servants and politicians. Our opposition wallahs also want a role in distribution of relief materials. The truth is that they also want to get hold of anything possible so that they can only help their cadres and cousins.

Our government has failed us. Our politicians are hiding. It's us the people who are out on the street helping each other out. If our local wards, municipalities and other government agencies cannot help our communities then why should we continue to pay our taxes? 

Maybe, we should just pay the salaries of our security personnel from own pockets and provide them with needed resources to help us all during natural disasters. If our politicians have an ounce of shame then they should just leave this land of ours. 

The Prime Minister's Relief Fund is swelling with cash. Our politicians can take it as they leave because we all know that most of the relief materials and financial aid will not reach those in need. 


  1. really sorry about your cousin, my prayers are with the family. It really has been such a tough week for Nepal, hard to get all thoughts together but it is nice to see how people came together. I hope this becomes a turning point for the leaders.

  2. Recently I have been to Sindhupalchowk.We supplied rice,pulses,chiuras etc to people of Bhimtar.We also examined and treated few hundreds there.3 people had severe spinal injuries there.They need treatment at tertiary care centres.We couldn't transport them to Kathmandu because we couldn't manage helicopter.