Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jajarkot to Jakarta

Our hermit PM Sushil Da is having fun in Jakarta, attending the 60th anniversary of the historic Asian-African Conference.  But here at home, our folks in Jajarkot are still suffering more than six decades after the end of the Rana regime.

Sushil Da is busy meeting foreign leaders and enjoying Tama Alu Indonesian-style while our folks in the rural areas don't get enough Tamiflu. Our villagers are dying while our incompetent government is busy either denying or lying to us about the sufferings of the folks in the rural areas. 

Let's hope our PM and his entourage will bring home batik sarongs for their dear ones. What about us? Well, we will get the same false assurance that things will get better soon. 

It's a shame that our good for nothing politicians get free medical treatment and even air ambulances to seek further treatment abroad while our own brothers and sisters are left to die because of lack of medicines and health workers. 

During such outbreaks, our government should direct both the security forces and private helicopter operators to ferry health workers and medicines at the earliest. 

But of course, our private helicopters make lakhs of Rupees from poor folks in rural areas to ferry them to the capital for medical treatment but do not want to do their share of community service. 

I think it's time our government bought at least five helicopters to use as air ambulances to help the folks in the rural areas. Well, we have five development regions for now and who knows, we might have many more after our con artists get done with giving us the new constitution. 

But no matter how many provinces we have, it is necessary to have a rapid response team, choppers and other necessary resources at its disposal. 

Our Health Ministry wallahs tell us that they do not have enough funds to help folks in emergency situations. Our government never seems to have enough funds to help the people but can easily spend billions of Rupees for so-called development projects that are abandoned half way and the money is pocketed by political cadres and slimy contractors. 

Our PM has already spent more than a Karod for his treatment overseas and many other politicians get to use our taxpayers money for medical treatment. The common citizens get nothing and are forgotten by the state.

Sushil Da phoned our Health Minister from Jakarta, directing him to do everything required to contain swine flu in the affected districts.  I hope our PM skyped him instead of using the hotel phone and saved us a few Rupees.

Well, our healthy monster, Khagaraj Adhikari is not worried about common citizens. He is more interested to find out how to make some moolah instead of mobilizing needed resources in the affected region. 

A month ago, he was telling us that the country has enough medicines to treat swine flu. He even claimed that there would be no deficiency of medicines to treat patients affected with swine flu. Well, here are we are now where our villagers are dying and Khagaraj has no clue how to respond to such emergencies.

I think our ministers should at least take a crash course on the portfolio they are handling. 

You don't have to be a doctor to be a Health Minister but at least take the time to review the health care system in the country and get advice from government secretaries, health care experts and even field workers on what can be done to improve it instead of spending all your time thinking about making some dough by transferring or promoting health workers or fudging the bill when procuring medicines and medical equipments for our public hospitals and health posts. 

I think Dr KC should head a team to respond to any such outbreaks in the country.

We celebrated 'Prajatantra Diwas' a few months ago to celebrate the shutting down of all wild parties by our Rana uncles. The Shree Tins did have all the fun at the expense of the state treasury. Well, they owned everyone and everything. Now, some of their cousins still own quite a lot of land and cash but I guess we are okay with it.

We got rid of our party animals and we got ourselves a real King. He didn’t do much and his successors weren't any good either. We celebrated Loktantra Diwas yesterday to remember our sacrifices during the 19-day Andolan nearly a decade ago. 

Well, we no longer have a King but we still have mini-Maharajas who want their share of the loot. And don't be surprised if we have another peoples' movement in 2026. Whom are we kicking out then? Of course, it will be our clowns of today who have done nothing but steal from the national coffer and enjoy the good life. 

Ram Dev Baba is in town. And thousands of Ramu fans will be doing their 'Yoga' thing. Yes, yoga is good for your health but it has not done any good to our civil servants and clowns. I think our Home Minister Bam Dev could learn a thing or two from Ram Dev. Yes, maybe he will lose some weight and will be able do the 'stomach wave' thing as well. 

And why does the 'Yoga' guru need a 250-personnel security contingent? He already has thousands of fans in the country and they include many VVIPs and byaparis. Why not use our taxpayers money to provide security to common folks instead of only VVIPs? 

Anyways, Ram Dev should conduct a yoga camp inside the CA building and make sure that our all our clowns participate in it. Maybe, a week-long closed door yoga session will help our confused clowns to come together and give us a constitution soon. If not, then we won't mind watching our clowns do their breathing exercises instead of opening their mouth and spewing the usual venom.

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