Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dr KC and the Forty Thieves

We are all glad that Dr Govinda KC has ended his hunger strike after our incompetent government agreed to address his demands. This is the fifth time that KC had to go on a hunger strike and let's hope that our great doctor would not have to put himself through such trouble to be heard in his fight against the chors trying to make billions by opening new medical colleges. 

I think there will be many more hunger strikes by Dr KC in the coming years because our corrupt clowns and civil servants have always been good at breaking promises. Let's hope that the 11-point agreement between Dr KC and our government wallahs will be implemented soon. 

But will our politicians sacrifice the loss of making millions in kickbacks for the good of the country? Nope. They just agree to address the demands to buy some time to figure out how to fool us all. 

Our Emperor and his friends should learn a thing or two from Dr KC. Yes, instead of shutting down the country for three days, why not stage a hunger strike and pressure our ruling clowns   to forge consensus instead of bulldozing the disputed issues in the new constitution through a voting process? 

Dr KC kept on going for 12 days but our corrupt clowns won't last more than two days because they have already developed the habit of gobbling down anything in front of them. I doubt our Emperor can stay hungry for more than a day. It would be really difficult for one to even fast for a day if he needs his daily dose of bideshi whiskey and read meat.

Our political parties are good at signing agreements but then they fail to honor them. We have a trust deficit when it comes our good for nothing freeloaders. We just can't trust these thieves. 

Not all politicians are corrupt. We have a few good ones but it’s probably the forty or so thieves who are taking this country down the drain. So it's us, 30 million honest Nepalis against 40 evil-doers who are hell-bent on taking us to the stone age.

I think it would be better if Dr KC led us all to demand a new constitution as soon as possible. Where are our so-called civil society leaders? Well, they are busy kissing the arses of our politicians. After all, they all seem to be affiliated to one political part or another.

Dr KC is an honest man. Our politicians are not. Dr KC helps needy people. Our clowns loot the funds meant for the poor. Dr KC is a man of integrity whereas our freeloaders have no morals. Dr KC spends his own money to treat the poor whereas our netas use our taxpayers' money to seek treatment abroad. 

Dr KC is worried about the country but our clowns are only worried about their cadres and cousins. Dr KC is tired of corruption in the medical sector and is fighting it alone whereas our so-called leaders have friends who have invested millions of Rupees in opening of new medical colleges.

Many of our politicians seem to have invested their ill-gotten money in medical colleges across the country and they do want to profit from it. The CIAA is busy going after civil servants who are taking in bribes in lakhs of Rupees whereas Lokman Dai doesn't have time to go after those who are minting millions and even billions of Rupees from all sorts of dirty deals.

Yes, we need more medical colleges and more doctors in this land but we can't have colleges without sufficient infrastructures just taking in millions of Rupees in fees and not providing adequate training to medical students. We can't have byapris and netas joining hands to rake in billions of Rupees from tuition fees while turning out doctors who are no better than quacks in our villages.

Our incompetent government can't stop our private transport wallahs, private hospitals and schools and fake-VAT bill byaparis from fleecing passengers, patients, students and consumers. What good is this government if it can't take action against those who are playing with our lives?

I don't think there is anything wrong with our political parties. After all, they attract millions of supporters because they tell us that they will fight against corruption, injustice and make sure that all of us get equal rights and access to opportunities. 

The problem is with our politicians who are not interested to change the system even though they all came to power promising to bring change for the better.

Dr KC has shown us all that one man alone can stand tall and demand changes to the corrupt system. If all of us support folks like Dr KC and take a stand ourselves then our corrupt political players will have no choice but to bow down and implement the much needed changes to make this country better.

Dr KC wants all of us to have better access to affordable healthcare and be treated by well-trained doctors. We need people like him who are selfless human beings who want to bring positive changes to our society. 

We do not need greedy corrupt savages who only think about themselves and do not care if the whole country and its common citizens suffer endlessly.

Dr KC want us all to fight against this corrupt system. He has done his share and it is now up to us to make sure that we are as courageous as him when it comes to fighting against our corrupt clowns.

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