Saturday, May 9, 2015

POS (Piece of S***)

Our great three stooges took a helicopter ride to visit our brothers and sisters whose homes and families were lost in the earthquake. Prachanda, Oli and Sushil Da also known as the POS gang want to show us that our politicians are united in their effort to help our common folks. 

But in reality, our great clowns are only interested to figure out how to divide the relief materials and cash amongst themselves. 

We all know that our politicians and political parties are united only when they get to share the loot or boot the previous government out of power. They are united in their effort to engage in corruption not construction. 

I think constitution-writing process will take a back seat for another year while our political parties will fight with each other over who gets how much relief materials and cash for the affected areas. The aid will not reach the affected families but instead will be given to their own cadres and cousins. 

Yes, it's time to rebuild the affected areas but our Constipated Assembly (CA) members are not the ones who have to be out there helping the needy ones. Our security personnel, civil servants and volunteers can do their work while our politicians should do theirs. 

We are paying their salaries so that they can deliver us a constitution. Stick to it and end the political deadlock.  Stop daydreaming about how much foreign donors will give and how much you can make from kickbacks from contractors who will be working in the reconstruction projects.

Sushil Da, our hermit PM was somewhere up in the sky when the big one hit us all. Our Emperor, Prachanda was having guff suff with Baidya Ba and friends while Oli was busy meeting with civil servants at his home. 

Yes, we were all somewhere. We are the lucky ones and we should not forget those who have lost their homes and families. Even our President had to live in a tent for a few days. Yes, let us all feel sorry for our big losers while hundreds of thousands of folks are still out in the open without any shelter. 

It took our clowns more than a week to come out from hibernation and have the courage to visit the affected areas. Our brothers and sisters who have lost everything do not want to see politicians visiting them and giving them false assurances. They want tents, blankets, food and water.  

If you cannot provide the relief materials to all affected areas then don't waste our taxpayers money and patience by telling us that all affected areas will receive all the help soon.

Our incompetent government makes excuses about how remote our villages are and how difficult it is to carry out rescue and relief works in such areas. They should have done their homework. 

Well, they didn't and our villagers are suffering. I think we should all pitch in and buy helicopters for our Nepal Army so that those helicopters can be used to carry out rescue and relief works during disasters instead of flying so-called VVIPs around the country. 

Our clowns should not waste our taxpayers money on chopper rides. Use our choppers to deliver relief materials instead of taking our corrupt clowns on visits to the affected areas. 

Send our security personnel on those choppers instead of our good for nothing politicians. I think it is best if our freeloaders stayed home and plan for the next big scheme on how to loot the state treasury instead of acting like they do care about common citizens.

Sushil Da is a poor man. He has only three mobile phones and one of them doesn't work. But his cronies and cousins do have fun. Our Emperor is probably one of the richest man in town while Oli makes his usual share and he has lots of mundreys under his wing.  

But none of our stooges want to spend their ill-gotten wealth to help the needy. They want foreign aid and use our taxpayers money to help themselves and their cadres.

Yes, we will need billions of dollars for rehabilitation and reconstruction of the affected areas. Our clowns and contractors must be busy making plans on how to carry out half-baked works and pocket the rest of the funds for themselves. Our opposition wallahs want an all-party mechanism to carry out distribution of relief materials as well as have a role in reconstruction and rehabilitation. 

So far, our all-party mechanism has done nothing but loot the state funds for development projects in our villages. Now, all of our local parasites do want a share of tents, blankets and food not to help the needy ones but to help their own cadres and cousins. Later, they would want building materials and stuff not to help those whose homes have been damaged but to add rooms to their own homes. 

Our rich corporate houses are now announcing millions of Rupees in aid and have promised to build thousands of homes for the affected families. Our NRNs are doing the same and even Sujata auntie wants to help our villages. Let us hope that they will keep their promises. We will know that in a year. 

If we really want to build better homes and infrastructure in the affected areas then it is best to let the bideshis to carry out the reconstruction works. I think Nepal Army should head the reconstruction works with the help from the bideshis instead of handing out the works to local contractors. 

We all know that our contractors will then have to pay off the local clowns. The local clowns will then have to channel the kickbacks to the top clowns in the capital. 

Let us ask our young who want to go abroad to the Middle East to make a few dinars more to stay home and work in the reconstruction projects. Our young can work in building homes and schools and get the same pay as they would if they went to the East.  

But of course, our politicians do not care for the young or the old. All they see now is a golden opportunity to make more dough by misusing the funds meant for the needy ones. Yes, it is time for all of us to come together to help rebuild this country. 

We, the common citizens are united to help our beautiful land but our politicians are united no to help us but to help themselves.

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