Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rotten Republic

First of all, let us all thank our incompetent government for deciding not to celebrate Repubilc Day this year with the usual natak. Yes, save a few Rupees of our taxpayers' money and use the money to help the families affected by the earthquakes. 

I think it would be better if our corrupt clowns and  lazy civil servants spent their time helping the needy families during public holidays instead of organizing the usual flower-showering nataks by our Nepal Army helicopters. 

Use our security personnel and resources to help the common citizens. We are tired of the nataks at Tundikhel during such government functions. It would be better if we just had a day off on Nepali New Year instead of celebrating every peoples' movement. 

Let us stop celebrating the time when the Shree Tins left the building. I think it is better to demolish all the old palaces that house our government ministries and offices. These buildings are past their age limit. 

Some folks tell us that Singha Durbar should be preserved. Do we need to be reminded everyday that our Shree Tins had all the fun and they built such lavish palaces for their own family while the rest of the folks were living in huts and wearing ragged clothes?

It's time our incompetent government built their offices using our own resources instead of thinking of ways to skim off billions of Rupees in the name of reconstruction. Why do we need to celebrate 'Loktantra Diwas' just to be reminded that Gyanu Uncle was once our King and it took us 19 days to make him aware that his time to have fun was over. 

Yes, we must not forget our history but let us move forward and build a new Nepal. We have been celebrating 'Republic Day' for the past eight years. Our corrupt clowns, civil servants, contractors and cadres have been ripping off the public since then.  The common citizens have never been provided neither resources nor opportunities to better their lives. 

The clowns have changed since the 50s but the inefficient corrupt system remains the same. The families of our clowns and civil servants have been having all the fun so far. The common citizens have been fooled and will continue to be exploited until the current crop of jackasses leave the building. Give our young leaders a chance. 

And now, our comedian, KP Oli who was lucky enough to climb Dharahara while it was still around tells us that our country needs a national unity government to overcome the challenges we face.

Oli wants to be our Prime Monster real bad. He has been dreaming of it since he became the chairperson of the 'United Mundrey Leaders' party last year. Yes, Jhallu Baba has tasted the organic vegetables at Baluwatar and so has our MaKuNe uncle. Now, it's time for Oli, the guy with the Goli jasto Boli to have fun in Baluwatar. 

Let us all feel sorry for Sushil Da that he will soon have to leave Baluwatar for Banaras and be a hermit. But the good thing is he will probably leave with an expensive smartphone instead of the old useless three mobile sets that he currently posses.

Oli thinks it's the right time to form a consensus government so that he can offer opposition wallahs a few ministries and they can all work together to enjoy the loot. Yes, it will cost us billions of Dollars not Rupees to bring this country back on track. And what better way to distribute the fund meant for the needy amongst the clowns than a national unity government.

Is the national unity government (NUG) really necessary to write the new constitution and help to rebuild the country? Nope. But Oli thinks the current government is too slow and if he gets the chance then we should all be prepared to witness a very active and dynamic government. Yes, Oli has already shown us that he is active and can climb Dharahara like anybody else. It's sad that we don't have Dharahara anymore. Our corporate houses and even government agencies have pledged to build a better Dharahara.

I think our Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) wallahs and the private contractor Sidewalkers should first pay compensation to the families of those who lost their lives when the tower collapsed during the Big One. These two made millions of Rupees from ticket fees from common folks and they are getting away without paying a paisa back to the families of the victims. Maybe Oli can do something about it after he becomes our Prime Monster.

It's been a month since the Big One struck and our incompetent government has yet to provide relief materials and even the so-called cash for temporary shelters for the affected families. Once the monsoon begins, our villagers will suffer more due to landslides, floods and other natural disasters. Our government will do everything they can to do nothing at all. It's been the same story every year. Hundreds lose their lives, thousands of families are displaced by the floods and landslides. 

Our incompetent government will not learn. Instead of thinking of forming a national unity government to loot us all, just establish a Ministry for management of natural disasters or disaster preparedness and resilience or just name it whatever you want but just be prepared. I think it would have been better if our so-called leaders grew up as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. At least they would have followed the motto of  being prepared. 

Our clowns are only prepared to sit on the kurchi and make billions of Rupees in kickbacks and commissions. But when the country and its people are suffering, our clowns have failed to rise up above petty politics and instead want to loot more in the name of the people. Let our good for nothing freeloaders have all the fun. It's up to us to assist our brothers and sisters and help them rebuild their lives.

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  1. I agree with the word 'Natak', especially when the biggest Natak of Monarchs attending Hindu rituals given continuity by our chief Clown the President even after declaring the country as secular. If the Natak is to actually prove a point, then Idh, Christmas, Sabath, Buddha Jayanti should all be considered in par with processions like Indra Jatra and other festivals.