Saturday, June 6, 2015

Artists vs Con Artists

Artists are creators. Their work inspires us. Artists help in enriching out culture. Con-Artists are destroyers. Their work makes us either leave the country for a few more Dinars or stay back and suffer from maniac depression due to the corruption in our land.  They only help themselves and their near and dear ones while the country and its common citizens are forgotten.

Those of us who are here can do nothing but rant and curse our incompetent government, greedy politicians and lazy civil servants. How in the world did we manage to elect the same bunch of pickpockets every time? I think it's time we urged our social  and community leaders to stand up for election the next time and put an end to the looting of the state treasury by our freeloaders.

We should have a law that allows only residents of that constituency to stand up for election instead of having our buffoons spend tons of money and muscles to win elections from places where they have never lived or have done anything productive there. We must have some sort of a residency clause. 

One must at least live in Siraha for at least six months if you want to stand up for election from there. And please let us not allow our clowns to stand up for elections in two different constituencies.  Don't waste our taxpayers money by holding by-elections again and again.

Now, our good for nothing political parties are talking about 60-40 mixed electoral model. We will have 60% corrupt clowns occupying the Lower House under the first-past-the-post natak and another 40% under proportional representation. 

For a country of our size, we don't need hundreds of lawbreakers. And we very well know that those under PR system will not be social leaders, experts and creative geniuses. Instead, they will be those with boras of cash, shady byaparis and smugglers who would want to be a MP for millions of Rupees so that they can somehow break more laws or not get arrested for their misdeeds.

The Desi have only 545 members in the Lower House. If we were to do some math based on land size, then we can do with less than 25 lawbreakers and maybe a dozen Upper House members. We really don't need hundreds of clowns to make our laws. We all know that only a dozen thieves run the show whereas the other MPs will just vote as long as the notes keep on flowing.

Our opposition wallahs would want either six or eight provinces but they still can't agree on what we should name them. What's in a name? Our Emperor is 'Lotus Flower' on his Nagarikta and the 'Fierce One' in black books of byaparis across the city. 

It's not the name that counts. We can come up with beautiful names for our provinces but what good is it if our own brothers and sisters can't live freely, practice their faith without fear and seek opportunities to better their lives in any village or city in this land?

Constitution can wait for another six months. Give us a constitution before Dashain and please hold local elections after Tihar. What we need now is temporary shelters for those affected by the earthquakes. Many families who lost their loved ones have yet to receive funeral expenses. Many have not received any tents or cash to build temporary shelters yet. 

The price of  materials to build shelters have gone up but our incompetent government is not willing to take any action against our byaparies. After all, common citizens pay taxes and get nothing. Byaparis get to raise prices, engage in blackmarketing and evade taxes so that they can pay off our netas and their cronies and get to make tons of money for themselves as well.

Our incompetent government can't even clear the debris and build new walls around Singha Durbar after a month since the Big One and yet they tell us that they will rebuild this nation in a few years. I guess it will take at least a year before the government walls in the capital are built again. 

Of course, they need to allow contractors to bid for the construction of the walls and find the lowest bidder who can pay the most kickbacks. The common citizens have lost everything whereas our Con-Artists are salivating on the prospect of making billions of Rupees in the name of reconstruction and other nataks.

There is a friendly football match today at Halchowk Ground inside the APF Headquarters. Our beloved President is expected to inaugurate the event. Our hermit Prime Minister, wannabe Prime Monster KP Oli and other political pickpockets will be playing a game of football against Nepali artists. It will cost Rs 5,000 to watch our Con-Artists play against our artists. 

It seems that our clowns have lot of free time. Instead of wasting another Saturday, by kicking a ball for a few seconds, our good for nothing clowns should all get together and help common citizens build temporary shelters. 

I don't want to blame the organizer for such events. It's a good initiative but instead of clowns, why not just invite artists from all over the world and play football matches without our artists every day for a year. We will all pitch in and go watch the game. 

The funds raised should go directly to at least one village instead of giving it to our government. We all know how our government works. It is slow, lazy, inefficient and corrupt. Some folks tell us that the PM's relief fund is transparent and cannot be misused. 

This country is being run by pickpockets. They know very well how to steal by creating fake identities and asking us to believe that they spent it on the affected families when in reality, most of the tents, cash and other relief materials will end up in the homes of local leaders, civil servants and our despicable clowns.

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