Saturday, March 7, 2015

Futile Talks

Our opposition wallahs have finally decided to sit down for talks with the ruling clowns to settle the disputed issues in the constitution writing process. I think we have already lost count of how many times our good for nothing incompetent buffoons have sat down for talks to come up with a solution to end the political deadlock. 

It's the same never-ending story of hanging out at resorts and residences of so-called top leaders and coming up short every time. The only folks who are happy with such talks are our liquor store owners who get to supply their goodies to our great freeloaders.

Our buffoons wasted a month and half doing nothing since they decided to boycott the CA.  Well, we had the 'show of strength' natak at Khula Manch by our Emperor and his friends last week. 

Maybe, our ruling clowns should do their own 'numbers' natak next week.  And then, we the common citizens can do our own 'show of strength' rally and probably have our names in the Guinness World Records.  

It's about time, somebody took the lead and organized a mass rally of common citizens. We are all tired of our con artists and their cadres disrupting traffic and shutting down the country.  

Our incompetent government can't even take action against gas dealers for creating artificial shortage of cooking gas. Now, it's the transport wallahs who only want to reduce the transport fare by a Rupee even though the fuel prices have come down drastically. 

It seems that our byaparis run this country while our netas and civil servants are here just to make sure that they get enough commission from unscrupulous capitalist pigs. It's a shame that most of our netas claim to be socialists and communists but it's only the wild capitalists who seem to make money in this land of ours.  

Where were our clowns during Holi? It would have been nice if Oli had organized a Holi party at his home and invited all the ruling clowns and opposition frowns as well. But our clowns do not know how to make peace. They always need the Desi folks to make them sit down in a room and agree to anything. 

While our PM Sushil Da is keeping quiet and doing nothing, Oli is blabbering as if he alone will write the constitution. Oli wants to be our next Prime Monster. He is already planning on how to decorate the living room once he moves to Baluwatar. 

I think Oli should promise our opposition wallahs some freebies and hard cold cash once he becomes the PM. Maybe, then we can finally get the constitution and go on with our lives. 

He should learn a thing or two from Deuba. If Deuba was our Prime Monster today, we would already have our new constitution. After all, he knows how to hand gifts to make the lawmakers happy.

Our 30-party opposition alliance has threatened to go for the second phase of their protest programs if the ruling clowns continue to show their arrogance and push for the voting process to settle the disputed issues. The opposition wallahs tell us that if they are forced to carry out a second-phase of protest programs then it would be action-oriented.

I guess the first-phase of the protest programs was like the calm before the storm. I hope they have already asked all the brick kilns in the valley to supply them with bricks so that they can show us some action during the second-phase of the protest programs.

Please do not take action against common citizens. If you want to battle it out then show your action-oriented nataks by occupying Baluwatar and residences of the ruling clowns. Let the common citizens go on with their daily lives. Yes, you need to fight for your rights to loot the state treasury. So, go on and show the ruling clowns your strength.

We all know very well that our clowns are not flexible and are unwilling to compromise. We don't know what must be done for our great freeloaders to see the light and take the country on the right path. 

Our only international airport has been shut down for the past few days because we don't have the necessary equipment to move the plane away. More than 12,000 passengers are stranded and our government doesn't seem to care. We don't even have decent restrooms at the airport. 

Our civil servants are not ashamed. Instead they claim that it's not their fault because the government does not provide enough resources to handle such problems. 

If we were to get hit by a major earthquake then don't expect our incompetent government to help us. Make sure that you have your emergency kit ready and be prepared to walk out of the valley to the plain lands because even if we were to get assistance from the bideshis, they wouldn't be able to land in Kathmandu to carry out the relief works.

It's about time, all of us went hiking every Saturday just to make sure that we have the endurance to walk for days to get help when the big one hits Kathmandu. 

It's just sad that we need to ask the Desis to help us to clear the runway. Maybe, we should ask NaMo if he has any special equipment to move our netas away from confrontation and make them forge consensus to end the political chaos. 

Our politicians are not leaders. They are loafers who only know how to steal. A dozen pickpockets have hijacked this country while we stand aside and feel our empty pockets.

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