Saturday, March 21, 2015

More Protests, More Problems

Our clowns were supposed to work things out last Saturday and come together to forge consensus on the disputed issues in the constitution writing process. Well, as usual, they failed miserably and are again blaming each other for not being flexible. 

Our good for nothing freeloaders should not meet on Saturdays unless they get to drink bideshi whiskey and mutton sekuwa. Then, we might reach an agreement when our clowns are drunk and belly full of food by the end of the evening.

Our opposition wallahs have announced a month-long protest program to once again demand consensus to resolve the political deadlock. We all know that none of our freeloaders really want to give us a constitution. They are not willing to compromise and sacrifice for the good of the country.  

All they want is a promise from each other to take turns to loot the state treasury when in power. Somebody needs to remind them that only cadres and cousins don't make a country. 

Our 30-party opposition alliance plans to shut down the country, boycott government programs and gherao government office as part of it second round of protest nataks. The first round ended with hawatari speeches at Khula Manch. Let's hope the second round will have more juice. 

Please do not repeat the same natak again and again. Come up with something creative and boggle our minds. Organize a comedy festival across the country. Hire comedians to carry out mimicry of the ruling clowns. Give us a show we will enjoy instead of making us stay home.

Our Emperor tells us that the protest programs are necessary. Is it necessary to shut down the country and make all of our lives miserable? Millions of us have to go to work. Our kids have to go to school. 

The daily wage laborers have it the worst. I think our opposition wallahs should promise us compensation for our lost wages. But of course, our netas and their cadres don't care about the common folks.  They only know how to extort from common folks, civil servants and contractors.

This beautiful land of ours will be shutdown on April 2, 7, 8 and 9. I guess our opposition wallahs must have consulted a dozen astrologers to get the dates right. Now, all of us have to make sure that we stay home during these days and cancel any plans that we might have made earlier on these days. Instead of chakka jams and Nepal bandas, why not only go after the ruling clowns? After all, aren't they the ones who are pissing you off?

Yes, if you are not happy with SuKo then only carry out blockade around the PM's residence. If Bam Dev is pissing you off then gherao his residence and do not let him out of his house for a week. But don't trouble us by shutting down our schools, businesses and transportation services. 

Let us go on with our lives. Make the lives of the ruling clowns miserable and maybe we will also join in the fun while we watch them go to work on foot instead of gas guzzling luxury vehicles. And it's also better for their health if they start walking.

Our opposition wallahs also plan to shut down government offices, boycott public functions attended by our PM and his mini-sinisters. Our Emperor and his friends have also bought thousands of black flags so that they can wave them at our ruling clowns. 

The protesters will also hold demonstrations in front of district development offices across the country to protest against violence against women, load-shedding, corruption and everything that is wrong with this country. Where were these fools when most of us didn't have any cooking gas this winter?

If our opposition wallahs really care about the people then they should go after our byaparis selling adulterated food products. Shut down the gas dealers and petrol pump stations who are cheating consumers. If the pumps operated by our Nepal Police and Army wallahs can cheat consumers then we can't expect our petrol pump sahujis to be honest. 

Take action against our transport wallahs who refuse to reduce the transport fare even after getting directives to do so by the government. But of course, it's the transport wallahs and other byaparis who provide the funds for our clowns to carry out protest programs. So, don't expect our clowns to go after these chors. After all, our clowns are the biggest chors of them all. 

Our clowns only know how to shut down the country because it's easier to gather a bunch of cadres and vandalize vehicles along the highways. It’s easier to burn tyres and hurl stones at the cops and beat up innocent folks who dare to defy the bandas. 

When will our lazy bums wake up and learn how to mobilize their cadres to do something good for the country?  Half a million young folks sit for SLC exams each year. Our political parties don't have any ideas on how to provide them jobs. 

They would rather be happy with all of us leaving for foreign lands. The manpower agencies will make billions and some of it will go to our political parties to carry out more bandas and other nataks.  

I hope someday we will have enough courage to defy all bandas and our police wallahs and security personnel should do what they have sworn to do. Protect and serve the public instead of the corrupt clowns.

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