Saturday, November 8, 2014

Father Knows Best

Chintan Poudel has been appointed the executive vice-chairman of Poor Family Identity Card Management Board.  He is reported to have an MBA from India and was working for some cable company in the capital.   

I guess he got tired of working 9 to 5 and wanted to join the public sector where he will get facilities and perks equal to a government secretary. After all, if you are working for a private company, then you cannot slack off.  You have to show up at work on time and only leave when the day is over unless you own the company.

But if you are a civil servant or get appointed to one of our public bodies then you can throw away your watch. Time will wait for you. You can even collect your paycheck even if you don't show up for work like some of our public school teachers. 

Chintan will probably get paid for showing up for a few meetings in a month. He will just have to show up for a free chiya and biskoot session once in a while to enjoy all the perks.

If Chintan was just like you and me then he would probably not be eligible for his new post but when you are the son of a politician, then everything is possible in this land of ours.

Not much has changed since the days of our Shree Tins. At least, we don't have Nati Generals nowadays although one of our natis is our Chief Saab. Our politicians are our new 'Shree Tins' and their children and cousins will continue to enjoy all the perks while the sons and daughters of  hardworking, law-abiding citizens have to go abroad to make a decent living.

Chintan is the son of Ram Chandra Poudel (RCP), our Congressi leader who failed to become our Prime Monster even when he tried shamelessly for more than a dozen times. But RCP is not losing hope. 

His dream of living in Baluwatar may have faded away but he still wants the best for his near and dear ones. Let us all congratulate Poudel junior for getting the job and let's hope that the kids of our politicians will continue to get plum jobs from the state.

RCP wants the best for all his relatives as well. He has also lobbied hard to get his brother-in-law and other relatives plum government jobs as well. After all, that's what our politicians do.  

If we had honest politicians in the country, then we would have a constitution by now. But our clowns are only worried about how to get jobs for their cadres and cousins. Common citizens are on the bottom of the list when it comes to getting the funds or jobs.

You don’t even have to complete high school if you want to head our public bodies. Well, Chintan has an MBA. That's good but maybe he could be working for a government agency that helps our folks to develop their skills and get jobs instead of only providing ID cards to poor families in the country. 

The only folks who will make money from this natak is the printer and the contractor who gets to deliver the cards to the district offices across the country.

We are all poor except our contractors, civil servants, cadres and our clowns. I think it would be better if we were all provided with at least one apple, two packets of milk, three potatoes, four pieces of masu, and a cup of rice daily in the name of our competent government. Then, we can all thank our government for at least helping us with our food needs.

We have wives, brothers and cousins of our netas as CA members. Ganesh Thapa was even acting like a club bouncer when Kamal Dai and his buffoons were creating a scene at the House recently.  Subash Nembang should have shown him the red card instead.

Our government agencies are busy preparing for the SAARC Summit. The government is even paying for paint jobs on houses along the major roads. I think Kathmandu will be a greener and cleaner city if we host the SAARC Summit every year but of course, we will be wasting millions of Rupees and only the contractors and our clowns will get to make money off it.

RIP Alok Nembang. We will miss you. Our prayers and condolences are with his family and loved ones. The film director passed away on Thursday evening. Our media tells us that he committed suicide. We all go through dark days. Counseling helps. 

There is nothing wrong with visiting a psychiatrist for counseling sessions. And it would also help our politicians if they went for a group therapy instead of getting together for a group drinking sessions.

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