Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Year but same old Nataks!

We had expected our clowns to begin the New Year with a bang as in get done with their PR list, join the Constitution Assembly and start working to write a constitution.  But it looks like our buffoons are not interested to work together even within their own party. 

Some threaten to resign, some threaten to split the party and some just want a bora of cash for the PR seat.  And some are still recovering from the hangover from drinking all that bideshi whiskey a few days ago.

Why are our politicians only interested in their self-interests and do not care about the country? Why do they forget that they have an obligation towards the common folks instead of only their cadres and contractors?

And what about us, the voters whom these buffoons seem to forget? We, the common folks just want our freeloaders to forget about money and power for a year and get done with the constitution.  But of course, that's not possible, because the only reason our lazy bums joined politics is to make money and abuse power.  

Where are our bideshi donors now? They should be sending their conflict resolution wallahs to help our clowns or else it might take just a year before our political parties finally satisfy their cadres over the PR seats. Or maybe, we can have the Khilly government stay on for a year and give us a constitution if our buffoons keep on fighting over petty issues.

Our Emperor is having a tough time trying to make  Dr. Saheb and the Kazi happy.  The other circus companies have the same problem with cadres threatening to organize bonfires in party offices across the country.  

So what does all this natak mean? It shows that our politicians are good for nothing scumbags who are only interested to make some dough so that that their near and dear ones can live the good life.  

Instead of awarding the PR seats to dedicated cadres, our clowns want to make some extra dough by handing them out to byaparies or their relatives.

Our political parties always promise us thousands of MW of electricity before the election.  Instead of trying to bring in billions of dollars from non-existent NGOs to make Lumbini a Disneyland, our Emperor could have at least signed on a billion dollar hydro project when he was in Baluwatar.  And who knows, we could have been load shedding free by now. 

But everyone wants a cut and until our clowns stop dreaming about commissions, we will never get a constitution.

We will have 12 hours of  load shedding from tomorrow. It's the same old natak. Our clowns will not have to worry because they will get free gas cylinders from NOC for their heaters. The least our government can do is give us all pair of thermal underwear. 

But of course, our government never has funds for the common people. The state funds are meant for our hardworking civil servants, honest contractors and humble con artists.

Our Supreme Court has rejected the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Ordinance over blanket amnesty. But of course, our buffoons are not worried about the Supreme Court and its rulings. The law is for the common folks, the con artists can get away with anything because they know that there is nobody to hold them accountable. 

We should have had the TRC a long time ago but our buffoons want to make sure that the state and the political parties get away with all the violations. At the end of the day, those who have died during the conflict will be forgotten while the violators will go on to govern us and make more money and enrich themselves.

It's time our President act like a stern school teacher and spank our buffoons instead of always requesting our eggheads to come together to find a common ground.  So what can we do to make our clowns do the job they were voted for? Maybe, we should start another Andolan and gherao the residences of all our top clowns and make them sign another how-many-points agreement. 

But this time, instead of signing stupid agreements amongst themselves, they should sign it with the common folks. And if they can't get their act together and get done with the constitution within a year then they should all leave politics and get a real job instead. 

Maybe, then they will realize how hard it is for all of us  with all the shortages, rising food prices and the instability in the country.

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