Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kick Them All Out!

It's about time our Election Commission (EC) wallahs stop acting like sissies and take action against our political parties that have yet to submit their financial details.  Deadlines come and go and our political parties continue to disregard them because they know very well that nobody will take action against them.  

The common folks have to pay their bills within the deadline or face action from the creditors.  Our business wallahs get black-listed and have to pay fines if they don't pay their taxes on time. But our political parties continue to flout the law because they know that they can get away with it.

So far, only 5 political parties have submitted their annual financial report whereas the other 114 political parties must be busy trying to find chartered accountants who can come up with fake bills. Why can't the EC black-list those who have failed to submit their financial reports within the deadline?  

Our political parties act like they are above the law.  The EC has the authority to cancel their registration if they fail to submit their financial reports within six months from the closing of each fiscal year  but the election body has failed to take action against the violators time and again. 

Nepali Congress has reported an income of only Rs 8.4 million and expenses of Rs 15 million. The Kangaroos must have hired shady accountants to prepare their financial report. It's hard to believe that the grand old party received less than ten million Rupees from their friends and well-wishers.  

As usual, the party with the most moolah happens to be the  UCPN (Maoist).  They have reported an income of Rs 76.2 million and expenses of Rs 77.3 million.  They must have more friends who are willing to donate some dough than the other political parties. 

But if they were really transparent and willing to show their 'real' books than the cooked ones then it should be at least ten times more. I think the income from the interest derived from our Emperor's business holdings would be more than what they have reported this year.

The CPN-UML has  not submitted their financial details yet and have asked for an extension.  The Eh-Maleys don't even have time to submit their fake financial details and yet they have the audacity to promise us a new constitution within a year.  

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) should first  go after our political parties and investigate their accounts instead of going after the small fishes like our byaparis. The poor business wallahs have to evade taxes, sell adulterated products because they need to make some dough so that they can make a voluntary contribution to our corrupt political parties. 

We all know where the problem lies and why we are in such a mess? But who has the courage to go after them clowns?  Lokman thinks he is Superman and wants us to pat him on the back when he goes after low-level government employees and small-time contractors.  Lokman gets pissed when journalists ask him questions.  

The CIAA should be under the President's authority and not under our incompetent government.  We need to have independent folks appointed by the President instead of our corrupt ministers. Maybe then the CIAA wallahs will have the courage and won't have to face interference and political pressure when they go after the big guns?

Our political parties claim that most of their funds come from voluntary donation and membership fees. If that was true then our political parties can only afford to buy tea bags for their chiyapan karyakaram and they would have to ask their guest to bring a thermos of hot water for themselves.

The EC wallahs have decided to give the violators some more time to submit their financial reports.Deadlines doesn't seem to work for our stupid politicians.  But how long can we go on extending the deadline for everything when we know very well that our clowns do not take them seriously?   

And our Emperor has finally spoken. He wants a new election of the President and Vice-President. Why not keep the current ones in office until we get a new constitution?   Our clowns are only interested on power-sharing and looting the state treasury.  

The Emperor now blames the Khilly government for his party's failure in the CA election. Stop the blame game and take responsibility, at least for once. The common folks want local election but our comrades think it is better to hold them after they are done with the constitution. 

But we are not even sure when we will get the constitution so if you are thinking of running for Mayor of Kathmandu soon then please defer your plans for now and focus on finding the gas dealer who has some stock of cooking gas for now. 

And the joke of the week is that our Emperor is leaving his Lazimpat residence and will hand over all property to the property. So does that mean that the big boss will finally live in a one-bedroom apartment and take the Micro like the rest of us? And let's hope that our comrades will no longer ask for voluntary donations because they will have enough funds after selling all his property.

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