Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Schools Shutdown....Why?

I don't know where you get your local news but I get it from the local 'Chiya' Pasal where them 'Conspiracy Theorists' hang out! Do you want to know why all them schools are closed in the Valley? It's only because the Maoists would like to use them halls and classrooms for their 500,000 angry young men (& women!) who are travelling to KTM for the 'Final Battle' live concert from May 1st!

And them vegetable prices have gone off the roof and we have to thank them Maoists once again... 500,000 lai khana tuh dinai paryo... so Kathmanduites, be prepared... buy like a truck-load of Wai Wai and stay home!

According to the local tole-ko economist (the guy did his I.Com back in the 70s!) the daily kharcha for the 'final battle' concert series is around 5-6 corore Rupees rey. And who's footing the bill? Them loyal supporters of Mao Inc. ... and they are contributing voluntarily without threat of imminent death! Yes, that's what Prachu Uncle is saying and we believe him!

So is this it? Is this the final match... I don't think so! If things do really get out of hand and the Maoists successfully climb Mt. SingaDurbar then Prachu Dada will tell us 'I told you so...' and if it fizzles out then he will say... 'we were just planning a peaceful thing .... so no worries, better luck next tyam!'

Yes, everything about the Maoists is piece-full! Ek Ek Piece gardai ... full pie nai khaaney bhayo.. kaamRed haroo lay... Hamro neta haroo lay jindagi kaam gareko bhaye po .. uni haroo lai thaha hooncha.. kati dukha cha 100 rupaiya kamaunuh...!

So let us all wish good luck to our Mao brothers .... Final Countdown bhanney geet timro Ipod/Iphone ma save gari halnoo...and good luck to our so-called government... and who cares about the Constitution and Desh Bikas... and where are them Civil Society clowns now? Sabai khat muni torchlight baaldai comics padera basi-rakheko hola bajiya ruh baijya-ni haroo!

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