Monday, June 15, 2009

Tyres, Fire & for Hire!

Another KTM Bandh! Two weeks ago, our 'Newa' folks started a new trend... hawa-fuska-ing the cycle-wallahs! I was thinking of getting myself a second hand mountain-bike so that I could cycle my way to KTM during them bandhs but now they are not even going to spare the cyclists!

Okay, one of them Maobaddie comrade got whacked. Shit happens! But why the hell are these so-called 'People' warriors venting their anger against us , the public? We have nothing to do with your deals, meals and wheels... so please leave us out of your so-called 'battle for civilian supremacy' natak!

We don't care if Cut-2-Wall or Gutkha becomes the NA Chief. At the end of the day, all you arseholes are busy giving blowjobs to our Desi bhais! Hamro border pani desi bhai lay khana lagyo, hamro didi bahini haroo lai balatkar garney but our leaders don't care. Yes, Swami MJ was right ... 'They don't really care about us!'

I think the Maoists are running out of new schemes or extortion plans! Pahila tuh truck ka truck ... gauley haroo KTM osha-rera Din ko 500-1000 chiya kharcha diyara Bandha hoonthyo ... but today's Bandh was more like 12 year olds with latthi and tyre baal-ing! Where have all the rebels gone?

Well, they are busy planning their next move! Comrade Kiran wants a hostile takeover... Prachu Uncle is 'Let's wait and see' ... and Gyanu Uncle is 'Kooching!' and Suzata is planning her first overseas trip as foreign minister! I want to give her a vibrator for her next birthday... if she doesn't want me!

And the police-wallahs should stay inside and play cards or something ... please don't waste our taxpayers money by driving around Kathmandu and doing nothing! If you can't do shit then just stay home like the rest of us!

I don't understand why the Maobaddies are blaming the cops for not taking any actions! When you kill others then it's for the people but when someone gets one of yours then you want to shut down the country! Good job, guys... I hope Prachu Uncle doesn't choke on his own venom becoz then our Maobaddies will burn down the whole country!

Every ten years... we give our so-called leaders another chance and as usual, they screw it up and invite the Right to jump in and steal the cake. Does it make any difference, left or right ... you can pleasure yourself either way, can't u?... oops I think I have been watching too much Health Education stuff!

I hear.. there is another bandh tomorrow! Maybe it's just another Halla but may our Maobaddie comrade (who was whacked ) ko soul rest in peace! And once again .. thank you Prachandu Uncle for showing us your true colors! You are no different than our Confused Kangaroos, Unidentified Men/Ladies or even the Mandalays!

Maybe our cumraids have watched too much Tony Montana! Yes, yes... first u get the money then you get the power then you get the women! Yes, you can have Suzata!

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