Saturday, November 19, 2016


Dr KC is right when he tells us that the mafia runs this country and our civil servants and clowns work together to make sure that criminals both domestic and foreign make tons of money so that they too can get a piece of the loot!  

We have heard about a bunch of Eastern Europeans running around town, stealing money from our ATMs. They should have known better. If they had been kind enough to involve one of our corrupt clowns in their act, they would have left the country with their illegal stash after paying the commission! 

But when you get too greedy while stealing money that does not belong to you then you are bound to get caught if you don't share the loot with our evil doers! 

Our government's motto is 'Sharing is Caring!'. Share the loot with the civil servants, contractors, cadres and con artists but give nothing to the common folks!

The mafia is present everywhere. Our byaparis sell us adulterated products and the government can't do a thing. Well, they do take action against such folks once in a while by shutting down their shops, asking them to pay minimal fine and the next day the chors open their shops and do the same natak again!

Our bus wallahs rule our highways through their syndicate system that prevents competition and deprive better services for passengers. Our private hospitals and private schools charge fees that would even make a bideshi from the West go crazy is he or she does know how to do the math!

Our civil servants offer tons of cash to our netas so that they can get lucrative postings or promotion. And now our government is thinking of finding ways to get rid of the current Police chief by introducing new regulation or link him up with Lokman or some other natak. Yes, get rid of the IGP saheb and get a new one. 

At least the one who sits on the kurchi will then have to pay at least ten Karods. We all know that our hakim sahebs in government agencies have to either pay to get the top spot or even if they are lucky and get appointed without offering cash, they would still have to find ways to make money for our ministers or else will get the boot!

Our incompetent government has made no effort to even respond to Dr KC's demands even though it's been almost a week since he began his 10th hunger strike. We all know that our netas want to see the doctor dead rather than honor his demands and reform the medical education sector in the country! 

Maybe our netas have a bet with each other on how long Dr KC can last this time. Our politicians will probably visit him in a few days and promise to fulfill his demands again.  

How long can we stand aside and look while our criminal elites make all the profits while they take this country down the drain? I think Dr KC should stop his hunger strike and open a political party instead. 

Well, Baburam has one and so does the Bibeksheel wallahs! But will Dr KC's party be different from them or the rest of the pickpockets out there? I think it will.  

It's about time, we all got behind the doctor and urge him to start a new political party. Yes, we need a movement. Amrika has gotten Trump, let's get KC to lead our movement and show the world that you don't have to bigot to lead a movement.

Our doctors plan to organize a peace rally in Kathmandu today to support Dr KC's hunger strike. But rallies and support will not make our government bend backwards. Our government promises to fulfill his demands and then he breaks the fast and then after a few months, our doctor has to go back to his hunger strike because the government doesn’t do anything at all.

Dr KC wants the government to honor past agreements but so far our clowns have not done anything to reform the medical education sector because then they would lose millions of Rupees in kickbacks from our medical colleges who need affiliation to fleece our students!

How many times must KC go on a hunger strike before our government acts and does something good for the country? Instead, our government is busy doling out millions of Rupees to our netas to seek medical treatment abroad. Why on earth would Sujata Auntie need millions when she is already worth billions? 

We all know what happened to the hundreds of thousands of Nepali passports that went missing from our Foreign Ministry. We all know who made millions or even billions from illegal VOIP nataks? 

We all know how much our Nepal Airlines lost during the 'Kangaroo' days decades ago. But I guess, our netas still want free lunch from the state even when they have already made millions of Rupees by looting the state treasury and  from extorting our civil servants and contractors!

When will we all stand up, take to the streets and protest and even prevent our netas from flying to foreign lands to seek medical treatment.  If you really have to go, then why not go to India? 

Yes, Modi bhai could even provide free treatment to all our lawmakers and civil servants. Our thulo mancheys run to India for help be it during elections or scholarships for their children or to seek political support to topple the government. But why do they want to spend our money in Singapore, Thailand and the US when the Desis can save us some money? 

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