Saturday, May 7, 2016

Change is Good ?

It seems that we, the people participated in many peoples' movement not to bring change in this country but to change the previous regime with a new one. And the most ironic thing of them all is that the new players turned out be more corrupt and useless than the previous chors.

We did not like the Ranas having all the fun. While, we lived in huts, they lived in palaces. While we ate Chuira and nothing else, they ate Chicken and more. While we drank local moonshine, they had wine from foreign lands.

We got rid of the Shree Tins but what did we get? We got the House of Shah and the Mandaleys. The Pancheys managed to have fun for thirty years and we no longer could tolerate the looting by a privileged few while millions of us suffered from poverty, unemployment and lack of opportunities to better our lives.

We managed to make our King just another ceremonial figurehead. What did we get? We got our Kangaroos and the United Mundrey Loafers. We thought these buffoons would really bring change to this country. 

After all, they spent decades hiding in India, eating one meal a day and having just a shirt and two pants in their closet. But when they came to power, we slowly came to realize that they had forgotten all their sacrifices they had made to fight the system.

They got into power and started to loot everything in sight. Our trolley buses became extinct; our Nepal Airlines lost billions thanks to the first daughter. Our state enterprises all incurred billions of Rupees in losses. Instead of promoting meritocracy, our new leaders stuck with the same old nepotism natak and only recruited their cadres and near ones.

The Kangaroos should accept the fact that they are the ones who are the most responsible for looting the state treasury in the 90s. Yes, we had more schools, roads, FM stations and newspapers and then the Maoist insurgency began and everyone thinks we went downhill because of them. But we should not forget the looting spree by our Kangaroos.

Yes, we had the UML sarkar for barely a year but they just turned out to be fake communists who were actually closet capitalist. Let us thank our two circus companies for introducing trade unions in civil service and introducing the culture of  'Nepal Banda' as well. 

Today, we have unions everywhere. Most of our industries have shut down. And when it comes to shutting down the highway, you don't need any big excuses. Folks shut down our highways even when a chicken fails to cross the road.

Then we had the so-called civil war where thousands lost their lives. Be it our comrades or the security personnel, only common folks died either fighting for their cause or defending the state. But it seems that our netas were always on the same page, making deals and trying to figure out how to share the loot while common folks were just used for their political games.

We finally saw the Maoists and we gave them a chance. What did we get? Well, we got rebels without a cause. I guess they were taken by the results of the first CA elections. Even they did not expect to win the majority of the seats then. But they did and instead of capitalizing on it and delivering us a constitution and bringing change to this land, they just became just another corrupt political party like the Kangaroos and the UML.

We saw our Madhesi netas winning the seats and instead of working together to better the lives of our Madhesi folks, they were instead busy looting the state as usual. We have seen the Mandaleys making a comeback. They did it in the 90s and even today, they are still part of the ruling coalition and having some fun.  Our martyrs have died in vain. They sacrificed their lives so that the same old clowns could come back and loot some more. 

Our greedy netas do not know how to change this country for the better. They only know how to topple the government, then participate in the new government and loot as much as they can while they wait for their turn to be unseated from the Kurchi!

And now it's the same old natak of musical chair where our Emperor is the kingmaker. But I think our Emperor should not be our Prime Monster. Let Deuba run the show. Our Emperor only knows how to make his family happy while Deuba knows how to make our netas happy with cash, gift hampers, tax-free vehicles, foreign vacations and many more.

Our Kangaroos and Madhesi netas are ready to support our Emperor as the new organic farmer in Baluwatar. Yes, dole out ministries to your coalition partners and enjoy the loot. I think our Emperor should change the mantris from his party.

Top Bahadur has done nothing to deal with the load shedding crisis. The former YCL head has done nothing to help the people get adequate cooking gas. And wildfires run amok across the country while our Forest Minister is busy having BBQ in his backyard. 

And yes, we had a Kangaroo stooge as the CEO of NRA then we had a UML ass-kisser and why not have a Maoist comrade to head the NRA?. We all know that nothing will be rebuilt in this country anyway.

It really doesn’t matter who becomes our next Prime Monster. Our politicians do not want to change the system. They are happy with the 'share-the-loot' culture. They do not want to reform the bureaucracy because they are happy with making millions from promotions and transfers of civil servants. 

They talk about democracy while their own political parties are not democratic at all. They are not here to change this country and bring change to our lives. They are here to loot the state treasury and make billions from contractors and black marketers. They are here to boot competent hardworking civil servants out while promoting dishonest corrupt hakim sahebs to the top so that they can make some moolah.

At the end of the day, our Desi bhais decide what's best for our country. Our netas are just ass-kissers who bow down to their masters across the border. If Delhi really wants to help the common folks then please deliver us cooking gas like you hand out ambulances and school buses to our incompetent government. 

We all know that you hold the magic formula to settle all political deadlocks in this country. Help the people not the same old corrupt politicians who have no vision to bring change in this country.

We don't want the King back and we don't want the current lot of Mini-Maharajas either. We want honest, competent people to run the show. If you can't help us to make our country better than stop the same old natak of trying out different recipes for changing the government every year and making our buffoons rich and fat while we, the people suffer miserably. 

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