Saturday, November 28, 2015

New Power

It seems that we, the people can't do anything about the blockade except watch the ping pong match between our incompetent government and our Madhesi-Tharu politicians. Our good for nothing clowns have been holding talks to resolve the crisis but it seems that they only get together for the free doodh chiya and biskoot and are not really interested to find ways to compromise and end the 'black market' festival.

It seems that both the police and the protesters are pissed off at each other. Our protesters keep on vandalizing ambulances and burn down police posts while our police personnel wants to laathi-charge and fire tear gas and bullets at anybody in Terai. 

But those leading the protest programs and those in power are busy laughing and having a jolly good time during the so-called talks that always remain inconclusive. Dear, good for nothing freeloaders, please stop wasting our time!

Our police wallahs provide security to the residences of our Madhesi netas in the valley so that some of us won't go crazy and start pelting stones or burn tyres in front of their palaces. But our Madhesi netas are okay with protesters attacking police personnel and burning down police posts. 

I think it would be better if our protesters in Terai prevented their own netas from coming back to the capital. Why are our Madhesi netas quiet about the SSB incident? Why are not they angry when the Desis fire at our Madhesi youth? Why is our government silent? Where have all our student unions gone? 

The Indian Embassy tells us that their SSB folks were firing at smugglers. Baidya Ba is busy handing greeting cards to the Indian Ambassador instead of declaring war against India. Yes, Baidya Ba has always supported an all-out invasion of India and it's time his master plan was put into action. 

But of course, you need to dig tunnels first and it seems that his cadres don't have any plans to go to the plains and begin their war plans. Like all other politicians, even Baidya Ba is all talk and no walk.

We have to blame our political parties for all the problems in the country. It is not India or the bideshis who are hell bent on destroying this land of ours. It is our own netas and civil servants who bow down to the Desis and bideshis for their own personal gain. 

Let us thank our trade unions for shutting down our industries and making us dependent on India for everything. Let us thank our bureaucrats for only asking for commission instead of allowing investors to develop hydropower projects. Let us thank our netas for extorting from our byaparies and bureaucrats so that they can enjoy the good life. 

No wonder, our byaparis sell us adulterated products and profit from black marketing. After all, they have to pay the sarkari haikms and mantris to continue their shady schemes. 

Our civil servants do not do their job or do what is right because those who can pay off our politicians get lucrative postings while those who want to be a hardworking honest civil servant get their offices locked up by government trade unions or get transferred to Siberia.

We, the people want to know when will all this natak end?  But it seems that the both parties have no idea how to resolve the crisis and all we can do is grind our teeth and keep on looking around for cooking gas and a little cheaper fuel that the current black market price.

It seems that both our government and the protesters really want to test the limit of patience of the Nepali people. Our politicians should thank the almighty or somebody for having such a passive populace. 

Let us not blame our grandparents for getting rolled over by our Shree Tins. Let us not blame our parents for putting up with the Pancheys. At least they didn’t have mobile phones and Facebook then. 

Life was simpler. But today, we, the current generation who have seen it all, are prepared to stay in line for days to get a few liters of petrol and half a cylinder of cooking gas. 

We are busy posting funny jokes on Facebook and liking it instead of protesting against the government's inability to deal with the crisis that has strangled our nation for the past three months.

We do not need the same old faces to fool us with their 'new power' campaign. New Power should come from 'new' people. The new power should be led by people who have at least worked hard to provide for their families instead of having spent years giving hawatari speeches and fooling us with the dream of a new Nepal where they get to rule and loot instead of  uplifting the lives of the Nepali people. We have seen it all. We don't want to see any of the circus acts anymore. 

Upendra Yadav is right. He wants our ruling clowns to either quit government or declare war. We, the people should declare war against our corrupt clown and make sure that the current batch of freeloaders quit politics for good. All politicians of today should pack up and retire. Most of them have already made enough to live the rest of their lives in luxury.

We want leaders who can lead us to prosperity instead of pushing us into extreme poverty. Dr Saheb should instead quit politics and be a mentor to the new generation. You have already lived in Baluwatar. Where do you want to go next? Let the new blood work together to build a self-sufficient and self-reliant nation. 

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