Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another day in Pyar-a-dies!

A boka friend of mine, after finishing off 1 1/2 bottle of so-called Russian Vodka ... takes off his pants and shouts @ them crowd.... "Who wants to play with my little brother?"

And then you have 100+ drunk Nepali gangsters (everyone is nowadays!) and like 20+ ladies staring at you! Don't look at me... okay, he's my buddy but if he wants to get lynched by a mob then I don't want to die like this! I would rather get run over by a Micro-Bus or maybe hit by a crazy motorcycle-wallah!

You will always have this crazy wacko, who you think is your friend but he is the Devil, who will probably get you killed for no good reason! And the @#$!ed up thing is ... he always gets that 'hot' girl... what's up with hot chicks and crazy psychos!

Maybe next time, I should walk around naked .... hope somebody will call me a 'Swami' and then I will have my share of groupies!

100 days to go! No, I am not talking about our current Nepali government ko expiration date! Deepak Bohra is our Forest Minister (Bun Mantri!)... if you have the dough and want to make millions then this is the time to get rid of 'whatever' is left of Nepal ko Dhan (wealth)!

Nothing against Deepak Dai... he is not only a Panchey ko Mandaley... he owns Bank of Kathmandu , four wives and nearly everything in Bhairahawa but according to our sources, his son once gave him a 'round-kick' ... I think that's like the deadliest weapon in 'Kung-Fu' Land! What good is all them $$$, power and wives when your own son wants to kick you in the head?

Was in this Bar today and met with Panchey ko Bela ko Daku Ko chora! This guy is worth billions, he has a nice Khandaani (means our Good Old Ranas!) wife worth another billion! I guess he's not happy! If he was ... he would be home with his wife and kids and not in a bar, throwing away thousands of Rupees, surrounded by a dozen of them Dance-bar type heronis!

They say, Amrika is the land of freedom, land of opportunity... my arse! Nepal is the land of the free... you can break all the rules, pay off all the gangsters (both political and criminal) and still make billions of Rupees!

So, I just want to say to our young folks.... don't come back! Some of us did, some of us are leaving again... and some of us are busy doing nothing except guff-maaaring!

Okay, some of the really good ones (smart ppl) are doing their best, working for NGO/INGO thing! Good job... yes build all them nice houses for them poor villagers and the next thing you know, our Madeshi or Pahadi militant groups are using them as their office buildings!

And if you really want to come back ... then get ready to Rumble or be ready to Grumble!

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