Saturday, July 2, 2016

Dr KC is Crazy!

What is the CIAA?  If you are an Amrikan then you might think it is some kind of a rehab program for former CIA agents or an alumni association for the spooks. Our government tells us that it is the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority. 

But so far, our great warriors have only gone after low-level government employees. It even carries out sting operation against the small fishes while we have yet to hear about any sting operations against our netas and high-ranking civil servants. I guess it is easier to go after the flies with swatters than going after the tigers in mantri quarters or in their mansions. 

Well, we have our former APF chiefs under investigation for fake invoices and making millions of Rupees on the side but they are less likely to go to jail any time soon. Some of our former Nepal Police chiefs have been found guilty but are still at home reading newspapers instead of spending their time in prison. 

This is how the thulo mancheys roll in this land of ours. Everyone pays off everyone so that they can share the loot while common folks have to leave home and work overseas to feed their families.

When it comes to the CIAA, it is hard to fathom how the same guy who as the Chief Secretary then, did all he could to make sure Gyanu Uncle had some fun, can then  go on to become the head of the CIAA? 

The anti-corruption body then had recommended that such a corrupt person be never given any opportunity to hold any public office ever again. How did our political parties failed to find one honest person to head the anti-corruption body? 

I guess our corrupt netas needed a corrupt con artist to make sure that their wealth is not investigated. And the great superhero is on a mission to not go after the big sharks but against anyone with whom he holds a grudge.

Why can’t the CIAA investigate our political parties who never submit their financial reports on time? Why can’t the CIAA investigate our politicians who a decade ago were starving vagabonds but are now billionaires who live in mansions in the city?

It seems that we have a new King in the new Republic and his name is Lokman. The CIAA seems to have a new target every month. Last month, it was Kanak and it seems that this month it is Dr KC. 

The CIAA not only investigates corruption but also conducts exams, goes after people who do not hold public office and even seems to have medical experts in their ranks. The CIAA tells us that Dr KC suffers from mental illness and should be hospitalized instead of carrying out hunger strikes.

Yes, Dr KC is crazy. He is crazy because he goes on hunger strikes to fight against the system. The CIAA tells us that Dr KC is supported by criminals. Yes, people who want changes for the good of the people are criminals and traitors in this land whereas black marketers, fake VAT bill byaparis, slimy contractors and con artists are patriots and nationalists.

It is the government’s job to provide affordable health care to the people. But so far, private hospitals make billions while our public hospitals have neither adequate supplies of medicines and resources nor adequate manpower to help the patients. 

It is the government’s job to make sure that education is affordable to all but private schools can charge tens of thousands of Rupees and get away with it while our public schools never get their textbooks on time or don’t get it at all. Where is the CIAA? Why can’t it go after our government agencies where hakim sahebs make millions and even peons are well-off. 

Dr KC is crazy because he does not want the medical mafia to run medical colleges in the country. He doesn’t want byaparis making millions from medical students while providing them with limited resources to carry out their medical education. He wants medical schools to focus on quality not quantity.  

The CIAA tells us that Dr KC has no right to defame the CIAA and the honourable Chief Commissioner. Yes, if Lokman is the benchmark for honesty and integrity in this land then we are all doomed. Our corrupt netas and civil servants are honest, hardworking folks while the common folks are lazy bums who only wait for the government to help us out. 

No wonder, most of our brothers and sisters who were affected by the earthquake are still waiting for the 200,000 Rupees housing grant. We all know how far that money will go. Let alone build a house, it is not even enough to build a small one room shelter covered by tin sheets. 

We should all be ashamed that one man alone is crazy enough to fight the system and millions of us, the silent majority just hang around in chiya pasals and tell each other that the doctor is once again planning another hunger strike. 

We have no one to blame but us. Our society encourages nepotism. We all want our mancheys to get the job or the contract. We encourage lying and dishonesty because that takes you far while if you are honest and speak the truth, the society will call you crazy.  

Yes, Dr KC is crazy. He needs to be locked up in a mental institution for life because we don’t want such person to create chaos and anarchy in this land. Long Live Lokman-Tantra! 

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