Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stop the Bullets!

It seems that our Nepal Police personnel only know how to loot, boot and if nothing works then shoot at common folks. Our gurujis have to  pay chiya kharcha to our traffic police. Our black marketers and mundreys pay protection fee to our detectives and police chiefs around the country.  

Our restaurant owners have to face the music if they open after 10 pm. If they pay then they can open past midnight if not then the owner will have to spend a night in jail and face harassment every other day till they close down shop or pay the police to open till late.

But when it comes to using their boots and laathis, our police wallahs do not discriminate against any groups.  Nepal Police doesn't care whom they charge at and thrash around. Kamal Thapa got thrashed a while ago. Even our late Girija Babu got a laathi on his head many years ago. 

But of course our netas get thrashed and then they get to trash the whole country. Common folks get thrashed and the state does neither apologize nor provide compensation unless the victim happens to be a political cadre.

Of course, our men and women in blue don't fire at the protesters unless they get the order from our CDO sahebs. I think our senior government officials who rule our districts like Shree Tins need to be on the street when they issue order to fire at our brothers and sisters instead of barking orders from their cozy District Administration Office.

Our CDOs need to at least take a day-long training on riot control. They should wear the riot gear and carry shields and laathis so that they also get the feel of how hard it is for Nepal Police personnel to control our angry protesters armed with sickles, bamboo sticks, swords and what not. We need to also hire some experts who can train our cops the art of perfect stone hurling. 

Maybe it's better to arm our cops with catapults and the protesters can also arm themselves with slingshots. Let us not use stones and tear gas. Let us not please use rubber or real bullets or even water cannons. 

Let both parties keep a distance of at least 50 meters and let them go at it. At least they will use small stones instead of bricks and what not. But of course, we should advise both parties to wear helmet and protective gear to cover their face. 

Why on earth is Nepal Police acting like private security guards for our political parties. The Youth Force, an organization full of mundreys for our CPN-UML need protection from the cops from other protesters. 

I think our political parties should battle it out with each other on the street, in the House and wherever possible. Nepal Police should act like a mute spectator like they do when political parties carry out bandas and then burn vehicles and thrash common folks.

Our Nepal police shot innocent bystanders to protect the Youth Force from getting into a fist-fight with our Madhesi protesters. The Youth Force has enough muscles to protect themselves. But of course, their own comedian heads our government and our police wallahs have to follow orders or face the music themselves. 

It's sad that we have a Maoist heading the Home Ministry and he must have forgotten the police brutality during the so-called People's War. Shakti Basnet should do something to reform the police force. 

Our Nepal Police should use maximum restraint when dealing with protesters. They should stop using foul language and physical violence to control the protesters. 

It seems that most of our politicians spent their years in jail and faced torture from our own police wallahs during their underground days but when they come in power, they seem to just be happy and even proud when the same police wallahs who tortured them then are now saluting them. 

Nepal Police does not protect common citizens but is forced to provide security to political cadres. It would have been better if our police wallahs had stayed home or let both the parties to battle it out against each other. At least, innocent folks would not be caught in police firing and then lost their lives.

Our earthquake survivors in the hills and the mountains are dying from cold weather. The government has neither provided blankets nor have our folks been shifted somewhere else where they can at least live in temporary shelters to protect themselves from cold. Our great comedian and his crew stay in the capital and tell us that reconstruction will begin from the valley. Start from Barpak and focus on our hills and mountains. 

We, the people in the valley can pitch in and help folks in Bungmati and contribute our share to rebuild the world heritage sites in the capital. But of course, our government officials are lazy bums who would rather make more billions by denying millions of our folks the much needed resources to rebuild their homes and bring their lives to normal.

It seems that both the ballots and the bullets are for us, the common folks who have nothing do with the dirty political games played out by our greedy, corrupt, shameless and spineless politicians. 

We go to the voting booths to cast our votes in hopes that honest politicians who have a clean vision for the country will lead us to peace and prosperity. But we instead get the same thieves who use the byaparis money and hired goons to steal votes and win from their constituencies. 

No wonder our elected thieves loot the state treasury without prejudice. They all are in it for the money not to develop this beautiful land of ours. Our politicians have turned this land into hell. 

We must not and should not continue to be the silent majority who give our clowns all the time in the world to resolve the political crisis while we hope for eternal peace in our land. 

Dear netas, stop using Nepal Police to kill common citizens. If you have the guts then battle it out with each other  but please leave us all one.  

I think it's time we invited our Madhesi protesters in the valley. Let us end this blockade now. Our Madhesi parties should gherao Singha Durbar, Baluwatar and the House. Carry out the blockade in Baluwatar. Make Oli stay home and work on new jokes. 

And who will lead the Baluwatar Blockade protest program? It should be our real comedians who will soon be out of jobs if Oli continues to make us laugh with his gibberish.

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