Saturday, January 9, 2016

Light at the end of the tunnel

We, the people have not lost hope in our politicians. That is why we keep on electing the same buffoons, hoping that they have learned something from past political movements. It seems that we have achieved nothing from so many andolans in this land. 

Yes, the Shree Tins left the building and we had the House of Shah and the Pancheys. We thought we got rid of the Pancheys but they are still alive and kicking. And the same folks who were involved in killing protesters during the Jana Andolan – 2 are now in the government. 

Kamal Dai should have been either in jail or living in exile or should be hiding in his house due to shame for his past deeds. But no, he is our Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister and does not think he owes our martyrs any apologies. He gets to travel around the world as if he has won one of a kind world trip package funded by the Nepali people.

It seems that politicians get a second chance sometimes but in our country, they get to screw up for eternity and still be involved in politics and even get to become mantris again and again. Bill Clinton didn't get impeached. But that's a different story. Amrikans are a different lot. 

They are the same people who elected Dubya twice. And now they have Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans on one side and Hillary and her friends on the other side. Obama has already won the Nobel Peace Prize but he has yet to do anything to bring world peace. 

It really doesn't matter if Hillary or Trump or some other redneck or a liberal becomes the Amriki President. Amriki foreign policy will remain the same and not change a bit. It's the same with the Desis as well.

But here in this land, everything changes when new folks get to be mantris. It seems that the new players have to shut down any projects initiated by the previous government even if it was for the good of the people. And the new mantri will approve new projects just for the sake of being able to say that he or she started something new. 

But of course, it also depends on how much commission can be made from such projects. The mantri does not even have to do the math. His or her personal assistant and the civil servants will do all the work and the minister has to only sign on the dotted line and make millions or even billions of Rupees.

Our media tells us that our Prime Monster Oli is trying to figure out where to go first. Will it be China or India?  Why should our PM always visit one of these two chimekis first?  Why not contact Elon Musk and arrange a trip to Mars. The Desis sent a satellite. We will send our Prime Monster, all his cabinet members and maybe add another dozen hate mongers, freeloaders and slimy contractors as well. 

What this country needs to get rid of first is not poverty or corruption. If we can get rid of our corrupt clowns then we will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that we will never be able to send these crooks to jail. Well, we have sent a few of our mantris but they seem to get out in a year and pay not even ten percent of what they actually made from bribes in fines. 

The CIAA conducts sting operations and nabs lower-level government employees. But they can't do the same for our politicians. It's not that difficult to figure out who is making some dough. Just tap the phones of all of our personal assistants of our netas. 

Raid their homes and get hold of their black books, with all the details of from where the politician gets the money and where it goes. We don’t' even have to arrest our great netas. Just gather all their relatives, cooks, drivers and domestic helps and organize a picnic inside the CIAA compound. They will start singing. 

Baburam tells us that his 'new power' will solve all our problems. No, it won't. What we need is not the same old clowns with new tricks. Dr Saheb is a brilliant man. No doubt about it. Dr Saheb should enroll in a public speaking course. Hang out with the advertising wallahs and learn to put on an act. 

We know  that you have the brains but not enough money or muscles. We also can't expect you to be like Gandhi or Martin Luther King or Mandela because your path for transformation is not turn the other cheek but tear up both the cheeks.

KP Oli has failed as our PM. It seems that the only option left for us to find a way to resolve the crisis in Terai is to invite our Madhesi-Tharu netas to Baluwatar and let them run the country. 

Why do we need six Deputy Prime Monsters? Why can't we just have like Eight Prime Monsters? Yes, let them run the country for a year. Loot as much as you can. And then wait for someone to start protest programs somewhere in the country and repeat the same natak again and again. 

Or if we don't want the same bunch of clowns ruining everything in this land then we must wake up. We must take a stand and tell our corrupt clowns, civil servants and high-level security officials that we have had enough of your looting spree. 

These parasites do not even respect our courts. We should boycott them in all social functions. We should shun them. Why are we the people ashamed of ourselves just because we are poor but  honest and hardworking?  

It's them who should be ashamed of themselves. They maybe rich but they have no morals. They will have to face the music someday. These buffoons all want to rule over us by using violence. 

We will prevail not by slapping them around but helping each other out and being united. We need our own Dr King. We need folks who can lead us with a non-violent movement. Yes, We already have a Doctor but he doesn't cut it. Maybe we should look up to Dr Bhagwan for new inspiration instead.

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