Saturday, July 11, 2015

ZIP (Zero Implementation Policy)

Our incompetent government has come out with its usual policies and programs for the coming fiscal year. There is nothing new and most of them are the same old nataks from last year. As usual, everything looks good on paper but our government successfully fails to implement such policies and programs.

Well, they have promised to conduct local body elections within a year. Let's hope we will get our ward chairperson and mayors by next year and they will do more than just skim off the funds. We are all tired of the lazy civil servants heading our wards and municipalities and our so-called all party mechanism looting all the funds.

Our corrupt government has promised us a new constitution soon. It maybe a month, a year or until the next Big One comes rolling. We really don't know when we will get the constitution we have been waiting for because our clowns are not good at keeping their promises. 

Deadlines are for common citizens. We have to pay our taxes, utility bills on time or face action from government agencies. But for our freeloaders, they can keep on extending the deadlines until everyone gets a piece of the loot.  Our lawmakers are the law breakers and they can get away with anything.  

During monsoon, leeches give you a hard time if you are running around the forests and you need to carry some salt to make them go away. But what do we need to do to make our corrupt clowns get back on track instead of only thinking of how to loot the state treasury? Salt won't do.  Maybe, our bideshi friends should issue a travel warning in their own airports for our politicians and high ranking government lazy bums. 

Yes, ban our clowns and civil servants from going abroad to attend conferences and consultations with foreign agents. Then, they will have to stay put here in this land of ours and do their thing instead of getting other ideas from the bideshis on how to take this country down the drain.

Our lawmakers want Rs 50 million each for their constituencies. Yes, give them the money and make them happy. Our elected CA members should be allowed to recover the costs incurred during election campaigns. After all, you need notes to win the votes and mundrey gundas don't come for free. 

Even our CA members under the PR Quota want Rs 10 million each. After all, they need to recover the money spent on getting a CA seat from a political party. Yes, our lawmakers all want cash.  After all, it's the sole reason why they are into politics. It's for financial gain for themselves and neverending pain for common citizens.

We will have eight provinces in our New Nepal and we will need local MPs, ministers and one lucky chief minister to loot the funds. We not only have to feed 275 eggheads at the federal level but another 600 or more at the state level. And we need to provide security to these buffoons as well. 

Where will all the money come from?  I guess the common citizens will have to pay more taxes while the byaparis will have to evade more taxes to pay voluntary donations to the local, state and federal government. 

The so-called reconstruction natak will only make our contractors richer. Our clowns and civil servants will get their share. Our trade deficit is now more than US$6 billion and we don't even export stuff worth a billion dollars. 

Our industry wallahs have to deal with trade unions, local leaders and then the hakim sahebs and mantris. And they all ask for chiya kharcha. No wonder, our byaparis have to cook the books.  Our contractors have no choice but to carry out shoddy works while our civil servants and clowns don't sign the papers unless they get their dough. It seems that we are all working so that we can pay off our civil servants and clowns.

Our corrupt government talks about promoting good governance. To expect our politicians and bureaucrats to adopt zero-tolerance policy against corruption is like expecting a kid not to take anything at a candy store left unattended.  

I think our government is good at adopting zero implementation policy. And they should continue to do that instead of mocking us all with nautanki nataks and promises to bring glory and prosperity to this land.

Our government tells us that it will implement the anti-money laundering law effectively. So does that mean that all of our top political sharks, sarkari piranhas , fake-VAT Bill byaparis, contractors and dalals will be the first ones to go to jail, have their assets confiscated and pay double the fine of what they have earned through ill-gotten means?  Nope. They don't have any cash in the bank or property in their names. It's better to go after their spouses, drivers and personal aides and then we might one day finally know the truth.

We will soon have computerized account system in all government bodies. The only folks who will make money will be the vendor selling the system and the civil servant who will ask for the commission to clear the check to the vendor. The mantri will get his share and he or she won't have to even know about it. His or her PA will do the hisab-kitab.

Our inefficient government has promised to build roads and highways and other infrastructure stuff. First of all, please finish your road widening work in the capital and then we can believe that you will carry out bigger infrastructure projects successfully. 

Our government offices can't even clear the debris from its own premises. They can't even repair the walls that collapsed during the earthquakes and they tell us that they will rebuild this nation within five years. 

And the biggest joke for the coming year is that come winter, we will only have eight hours of load shedding. Well, monsoon is here and load shedding hours are still the same. Maybe, our government plans to build a mini-nuclear plant in Singha Durbar and cut the winter load shedding hours in half.

Our politicians, civil servants and so-called experts who have done their share to come up with policies and programs to make our country better should all be held accountable if the promises made by our incompetent government doesn't materialize. Stop promising what you can't deliver. 

Instead tell us that you are incompetent, corrupt and have neither the political will nor organizational capacity to rebuild this nation. Just give up and tell us that we are on our own and the government is only for the clowns and civil servants and not for the people. 

We are getting ripped off and yet we don't seem to care and maybe someday we will finally wake up when we are left with nothing.

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