Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rs 71,305

According to Economy Survey 2013-14, per capita income of an average Nepali is Rs 71,305. I think there should also be a survey of income of our civil servants, cops, contractors and clowns. 

After all, these are the buffoons who seem to make millions of Rupees in a year whereas the rest of the folks have to go abroad to make a few Dinars more. 

The budget season is here and all the crooks want something for themselves in the new budget while there is nothing for the common folks.  Our civil servants want more perks for less work.  

The Ministry of General Administration (MOGA) wants the government to increase the dress code allowance for our hardworking civil servants.  And the lazy bums also want 'tiffin' allowance this time. 

Why on earth do our civil servants need chiya kharcha from the state when they have been making all the dough from the service seekers?  I guess, our chiya kharcha is not enough for the lazy bums.  

Our civil servants don't have to spend a penny from their salaries to manage their household budget.  If that was the case, then majority of our civil servants would be living in a single room and their kids would be attending public schools.

Most of our lazy bums show up at work after 11am and spend half of their time, reading newspapers and drinking chiya.  And nothing gets done if you show up after 2pm. 

I think our civil servants should be paid by the hour.  Instead of increasing the dress allowance and adding tiffin allowance of Rs 75 per day, why not have a 'productivity allowance' instead?

Let's award those civil servants who do their work efficiently without worrying whether the service seeker will give them chiya kharcha or not. But of course, we live in a fake Democracy where meritocracy is frowned upon and nepotism is the only way to advance your career if you are a civil servant.  

An average civil servant probably makes ten times more than an average Nepali and yet they demand salary hike every other year. 

Our cops have not change a bit in the past thirty years. Nepal Police should provide better living facilities to personnel instead of misusing the funds to make the senior officials happy.  

Please build restrooms for our women cops and provide them a safe environment to work instead of being harassed by one of their own. 

Whoever gets to be our Home Minister is only interested to make millions by promoting those who has the most bora of cash.  

Instead of securing our borders and protecting the public from the gundas, our Home Ministers have only used the police force for their own party interests.   We live in a land where the public is more scared of the cops than mundrey gundas.

A mundrey gunda might not extort from you if you happen to be a friend of his thulo ba's saalo. A cop won't care if you are a friend of his relative. He will probably give you a discount on the chiya kharcha but will still want something to look the other way. 

Yes, we do have a few honest cops around but when the majority of them are in it only for the money then even the few good ones get a bad rap. It's the same with the army wallahs. Many soldiers continue to live in bunkers whereas the jur-saabs and their maha-ranis continue to enjoy all the perks. 

Our contractors never finish the assigned task on time but they continue to get paid from the state. Our roads last until the next monsoon and yet our contractors don't get punished for their shoddy work.  

How can we expect a good job when our contractors have to pay off the civil servants, mundrey gundas affiliated to political parties and the clowns themselves?

We want a constitution but our clowns want Rs 50 million each so that they can enjoy the lifestyle of the Shree Tins. Earlier, the clowns used to get Rs 1 million so that they could distribute it to their near and dear ones instead of doing something for the people in their constituencies. 

Now, they want fifty times more so that they can build a nice house in Kathmandu, hundreds of tolas of gold for their spouses, a new car for their kids and a fat bank balance. 

Our politicians, mostly those who are in the government probably make a thousand times more than an average Nepali citizen and we can do nothing to stop them from looting the state treasury. 

Our CIAA wallahs only go after the small fishes whereas the sharks are running wild. The fake VAT bill byaparis have not been punished and probably will never face any action. 

A few of our former ministers have been to jail but they still have millions hidden somewhere. At the end of the day, it's the common folks who get extorted by the state, while the evil doers get to misuse the state funds to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

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