Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Most Powerful Person (MPP)

We all know of our Very Very Irritating Persons (VVIPs) who get free vehicles, security, fuel and chiya kharcha from the State while they continue to loot the state treasury, extort from our civil servants and contractors and continue to exploit the common folks for their own self interest. But our media should start some kind of a ranking system for our most powerful person (MPP) in this land of ours.  So who is the most powerful person in our land? 

We have a President who is our commander in chief of the Army and her job is to cut ribbons, meet foreign dignitaries and enjoy the state perks while doing nothing to make sure that our netas follow the rule of law and resolve the political crisis in the country. 

We have a Prime Monster who goes to India and tells our Modi Bhai that he will do everything possible to amend our constitution as if he alone wrote the constitution and does not need to bring any of our other chors on board to amend it. 

Our bideshi Ambassadors seem to have more power in our land than anywhere in the world.  It seems that they can come to the homes of our so-called top politicians and drink some chiya and either threaten them with no more funds or flatter them with more slush funds for their election campaigns depending on where our netas stand on matters that may help the bideshis!

A year ago, Lokman , the superhero who headed the CIAA was the most powerful person in Nepal. He was busy having fun extorting our civil servants and blackmailing even our corrupt politicians. It was okay to go after our small fishes and sarkari hakim sahebs but in this land, if you touch our politicians then it’s time to go home.  

And in this land of ours, everything has a price. Don’t worry if you are corrupt and the CIAA wallahs find out about your ill-gotten wealth. Just pay the chiya kharcha to the hakim sahebs at the CIAA and you will get a clean chit. If you don’t pay then you will go to jail, your bank accounts and assets will be frozen and your family will have to suffer. 

If you are willing to share the loot then you won’t get the boot and your family can still show off at parties and enjoy the life of luxury. And everybody will forget about how much you looted and things will go back to normal next Dashain. And it seems that some of our corrupt folks would rather go to jail, spend a few years reading newspapers inside the prison and then go home without having to pay back all the ill-gotten wealth except a meager fine. 

Lokman could have been our savior if he had gathered all the evidence against our crooked netas and charged them with corruption but he just wanted to have fun making money for himself and his friends. He didn’t only go after civil servants but also after folks who had written about his character and why it was a disgrace for the country to have a corrupt civil servant heading an anti-corruption agency.  

We must ask our politicians of today why they agreed to appoint such a low-life fool in the first place? So, when our politicians talked about changing the old and giving us something new what they meant was getting rid of the old players and old vehicles while buying new vehicles for themselves and making their new friends and near and dear ones richer at the expense of the public.  

But I guess when it came to Lokman, they wanted him back because he made a deal with the chors on matters we seem to have no clue about.

Our former Chief Justice Sushila Auntie tells us that our civil society groups should unite and fight against the corrupt system instead of trying to kiss the ass of our political parties. Yes, some of us do want to be a Vice-Chancellor at TU or a dean or an Ambassador. 

But I guess most of our so-called intellectuals seem to forget or either ignore the fact that if they continue to be silent and let the corrupt govern us without accountability then one day, they will suffer as well.  

There will come a day when you will end up in gulags and be exiled for speaking about freedom, rule of law and trying to fight against the corrupt system. You will face torture for being an intellectual and only the thieves and murderers will get to enjoy the facilities of the State while the rest of us will just continue to live miserable lives. 

So who is the most powerful person in Nepal right now? It seems that our MD of Nepal Oil Corporation, Gopal Dai is currently ranked number one and he sees no reason of losing his ranking till Dashain. Where on Earth does the corrupt file a defamation suit against our media wallahs for calling a chor a chor? 

Gopal Dai has sought Rs 800 million in damages. We all are wondering how this corrupt hakim sahib has not been investigated by the CIAA yet. It does help when your cousin is heading the CIAA and you are untouchable because you have been offering chiya kharcha to the mantris and our netas all these years. 

It really doesn’t matter to our government when the media investigates  and even finds out about the corruption by our government agencies. The government does not take any action because our mantris are all involved. Even the sons of our politicians seem to be involved in all major deals in this country. It’s good to be the princelings in Nepal.

It’s about time our civil society wallahs woke up from coma and took to the streets and also encourage all of us to join them in the fight against the wild looting by our chors. We all took to the streets to tell our then King to step down and give us back our rights. It’s now time to take to the streets again to tell our mini-Maharajs to either work together to help us all or to pack up and leave.  

Our country will be far better off if three thousand corrupt netas, hakim sahebs and byaparis leave this land for good while we welcome back our three million hardworking folks who are overseas working in miserable conditions just to save a few Dinars for their loved ones.

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