Saturday, August 5, 2017

Gumboots for all!

Our honorable Prime Monster Deuba goes to Chitwan to see for himself if our hardworking contractors are doing their job right along the Narayangadh-Muglin stretch. Whom are we kidding? We all know how our contractors do their job and if it wasn't for their carelessness and tardiness, our folks would not be losing their lives while on our highways and even in our cities!

And somebody should have at least made Deuba aware that leather shoes are not a good choice when walking on hilo-mailo. Just wear a gumboot instead! Why not just give us all gumboots during the monsoon and we won't even care if Deuba's brother-in-law makes millions when securing the contract to provide free gumboots for all Nepalis! 

We are still waiting for the day when our government saves us a few Rupees and at least give us some rebate on the taxes we pay instead of only raising our taxes. When we are all done with the provinces and stuff, don't be surprised if we pay more taxes because then we need to feed our local representatives and our chor netas at the provincial and central level as well.

 More than fifty people have lost their lives along the Narayangadh-Mulin stretch but it seems that our incompetent government is least bothered when ordinary Nepalis lose their lives. If it were some mantri or even a low-life chor who happens to be a member of one of our political parties then the government would have offered millions of Rupees in compensation.  

So if you are a smart Nepali then you should get a membership of one of our major political parties and you can stop paying premiums on your life insurance because the party will make sure you get something even if you get fried when stealing electricity from NEA! 

King Deuba takes a chopper to fly to Chitwan.  Why can't our politicians take a bus like most of us and show us or even act like they do care?  If you ask Deuba this question then his answer would be that he is a VVIP and he has to make sure that he gets back to the capital in a few hours so that he can attend to meetings with his chamchas and fellow netas on how to efficiently and effectively loot the state treasury and also extort from our civil servants, contractors and other con artists.

Deuba like all other politicians receives garlands, khatas and bouquets on arrival from his chamchas.  Either we, the people choose to forget our problems and act like our politicians are great that we must bow before them and offer flowers like we did to our Kings before or we just want to kiss their arse so that one of our cousins will get some thekka-patta or a government job somewhere. 

And Deuba is the king of deals. He may not do what is right for the country but he will certainly do what is right for our politicians and their near and dear ones. In other countries, politicians win votes because the people think they can do better for the country. Here, in this land, politicians continue to be in power as long as they make other evil doers happy. 

Maybe, our politicians could learn a thing or two from the Desis across the border. Instead of receiving bouquets, we should gift our politicians books. It seems that our netas don’t read much because they still have the same mindset they had when they were fighting the 'Panchyati' system. 

We have been a multi-party democracy since the 90s and today, we are a Republic but it seems that our politicians now think that we, the people are the enemies and it is their job to make sure that we suffer and shut up as well. We have gotten rid of a King but we will have to now deal with hundreds of mini-Maharajas and their courtiers. Good luck to all of us!

We should not be cursing and saying bad things about each other in Facebook but if you are a public figure then you should have a thick skin and be able to take criticism as well. Unless, somebody is threatening to physically harm somebody or has stolen stuff or even personal data then our police should look into the matter.

But it seems that we will be missing our 'freedom' of religion, speech and even the right to assembly if we just keep on shutting up and allow our chor netas to continue to do whatever they like.

This country is run by mafias and our slimy contractors have to pay local mundrey gundas affiliated with our political parties to win the government contracts. Then, they have to pay off our civil servants to get the payment for jobs they never complete. 

We have mafias everywhere. Our jagga dalals work with our civil servants to sell government lands to the public. Our transportation wallahs can overcharge us and get away with it. Our byaparis can sell us adulterated food products, fuel and fruits and all they get is a fine of a few thousand Rupees .  

Our civil servants are the ones who need to be held accountable because it is them who have the responsibility to monitor the market and take action against such byaparis but instead take chiya kharcha and allow the byaparis to make more money by cheating consumers.

It seems that what we are missing is accountability and until we hold those in power accountable, we will continue to live miserable lives. Our contractors are not worried even when our brothers and sisters lose their lives due to shoddy construction works, our bus wallahs can run us over and pay a few lakhs and keep on driving and our netas can continue to loot us all while we just smile and offer them bouquets instead of brickbats! 

When it comes to brickbats, I am not advocating the use of real bricks against our corrupt folks but at least, we should be free to voice our opinion and not be arrested for calling a thief a thief!

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