Saturday, January 21, 2017

43 Buffoons!

Let us congratulate our Emperor for adding two new ministers in his cabinet. We all know where the priorities lay for our politicians. It's not about creating jobs or spending the capital budget in a timely manner or promoting good governance or unveiling effective economic stimulus packages or rebuilding the homes and the lives of those affected by the earthquake or even ordering the 'Melamchi' wallahs to finish their road destruction project as soon as possible and at least paving it back to its previous state. 

It’s all about expanding their own bellies and adding more mantris so that we can all pay for their chiya kharcha!

We now have 43 clowns who get vehicles, security and other perks that come with the kurchi! Why on earth would you appoint people from a political party that has only one lawmaker in the House? How does it help our ruling clowns to gain wider support for endorsing the constitution amendment bill? 

Maybe these two lucky bums somehow were the highest bidder in the 'make me a mantri and I will bring in more moolah for you and me' auction market!

We also hear that our great former Mandaley and now a great campaigner for 'Make Nepal Hindu Again', Kamal Dai and former Kangaroo but now so-called great leader of Madhes, Bijaya Dai have been asked to join the team but they want to be the vice-captains and have sought lucrative ministries as well. 

It's just sad to see our Emperor become one of them. We thought this man could be our savior. He would change this country for good, be our Mandela when it comes to reaching out and embracing the ones on the other side and our Lee Kwan Yee, a man who could single-handedly change the destiny of a nation. But what have we gotten so far? 

He is just another clown who will do anything to enjoy the office of power and only enrich himself and his dear ones at the expense of the public purse.

The first time around, our Emperor quit and went back to his mansion just because he could not fire the guy who was going to retire in a few months. This time around, he does not have the majority to act like a buffoon. He knows that he will have to hand the baton to the King of Dadelhura soon and the only thing he has accomplished so far is well nothing. 

Our former Prime Monster Oli formed his football team of 41. Our Emperor has topped him and in a few months when our great leader Deuba becomes our official clown at Baluwatar, don't be surprised if he breaks his own record of having 48 lazy bums in the cabinet then in the 90s!

We know that our politicians really don't care about the rule of law. They believe that they are above the law. I guess they even forget to read the 'new' constitution that clearly states that the size of the cabinet should not exceed 25 members. 

Well, yes we are in a transition and our politicians tell us that it doesn't count. Really? How on earth did we get such chors to govern this country? Look around, your neighbors are all hardworking, law-abiding citizens of this land. 

Where did we get our politicians from? If we look at their parents, all of them really are or were honest, hardworking. god-fearing people. But how did their children turn out to be crooked evil-doers? It's not their fault. We just have not let go of the 'rule' of the Shree Tins. They had few brothers enjoying the loot then. We now have a couple of hundreds of mini-maharajas who are having all the fun. The players may have changed but the system remains the same!

I think our Emperor should have just added another two more and reached the target of '45' just to celebrate the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America. Yes, Donald Dai is now officially the President and Obama has already left the building.  Yes, stop crying because it really doesn't affect you and me.

But Amrika is not Nepal. Here in this land, our politicians can engage in corruption with all their might and they feel that it is their right to loot the nation and its people. But in Amrika, well you have all the lobbyists and what not but if you screw up and do what is not constitutional, the Supreme Court will let you know and there are checks and balances to make sure that the President does not become a dictator. Here in this land, who cares about the Supreme Court? 

We don't know where we are heading but let us thank our incompetent government for at least making us all suffer from the dhulo-mulo thanks to the 'Melamchi' nataks. Most of us will suffer from respiratory illnesses but of course our government doesn't care. 

They only care about their own lot. The government has the dough to build a bomb-proof residence for our President but doesn't have the money or the human resources to build the homes of those displaced by the earthquake.  

Amrika gets a new person every four or eight years to lead the country to glory or shame. The President of Amrika swears that he and hopefully someday she will do their best to 'preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States'.

 We get the same bunch of good for nothing clowns who have been playing the same natak for a couple of decades and they lead the country to only shame and ruin! And our so-called leaders do their best to discard, disregard and destroy the constitution of this land. So, God help us all!

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